Justice and Solidarity

  • Winter 2021

    In the winter of the world, renewal germinates.

  • Christmas in Huaura

    Christmas in Huaura, one of the nine provinces in the Lima region of Peru...

  • The Pandemic: invocation...

    “Forced into a new confinement since 29th October 2020, in France, I invite you to look a great figure of the Church...

  • Welcoming an Iraqi family in Poligny

    For many months, a team in Poligny - a town in the Jura, a department in the east of France where a community of Daughters of the Holy Spirit is located - has been meticulously preparing for the arrival in France of a refugee family..

  • The Earth Day

    This year, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day celebrated on April 22, 1970.

  • Loving care

    An "ecological conversion" which will impregnate our relations with the environment and with others.

International Family

  • The’ Madness of the Great‘Ages

    In the park of the Retirement Home, it is the festival of "The madness of the Great'Ages’’... with a sausage cake and a bowl of cider, a Breton parade, then a snack of pancakes.

  • USA Province: 3 New Associates

    Scripture readings and song fittingly presented the theme of Love and Service that led to each candidate's public commitment to the Congregation and to God's people.

  • Chile and Peru: Pentecost Celebration

    It was a fraternal meeting filled with the joy and emotion of seeing each other again, the distance not being an obstacle to celebrate the gift that Jesus leaves us; to love each other to the utmost: his Spirit.

 Famille FSE 

 In memory of... 

  • Françoise SEVERE

    Sister's name: Sister Jeanne Hervé --- Date and place of the funeral: Thursday 10 June 2021, in Plestin-les-Grèves (reserved for the Family).

  • Josephine EGAN

    Josephine EGAN --- Date and place of death: 6th June 2021 Neville Hall Hospital, Abergavenny Date and place of funeral: To be arranged

Partnership, Projetc

  • Happy because of you!

    "Life is good when you are happy; but much better when others are happy because of you."


    Since 2008, the community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Koudougou has been established in Issouka in a modest neighbourhood...


    The Marie Balavenne Health Centre in Makabaye is a health centre created by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit...


    Today, the Covid-19 is shaking up the world, causing the unemployment rate of young people and women to rise...

  • Other projects...

    BUT ALSO… Life continues for all the projects which have seen the light of day in the past few years and are always in need in order to grow and to evolve.

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