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"Marie Balavenne" Hostel – Diebougou

The "Marie Balavenne" Hostel of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Diebougou welcomes young women from different localities, who are coming to pursue studies in various schools and high schools in the area. For the time of their studies, these young women board at the Hostel and are accompanied by the Sisters of the community.

The Hostel has existed since 2010 and the buildings and equipment have deteriorated despite upkeep.


•   To restore good hygienic conditions to the boarders at the Hostel.


•   Re-paint the interior of the dormitories.

•   Replace the mosquito netting on the windows.

•   Replace used mattresses.

Needs expressed:

   To re-paint the dormitories and replace the netting: 685 €

   To replace the mattresses: 2,135 €

Cost of the Project: 2,820 €

Project 2019

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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