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Centre for Community Education Chaska - Peru

The Centre for Community Education Chaska was created in1988 at the initiative of a Peruvian couple, in the province of Huaura. The Sisters of the Congregation have always been active in the Centre, notably through aid in the education of the children.

In this Centre, the children benefit from assistance with studies, learning to respect the environment, to sow and cultivate vegetables or harvest fruit. The parents and adults of the sector receive an agricultural formation and learn to read if need be. Other workshops allow them to learn how to take care of their families.


   Improve the conditions of welcome for learners and Volunteers.

   Facilitate access to water for the local population.

   Give the children a taste for reading.

- Project:

   Furnish the Centre with the materials necessary for formation (50 tables and chairs):780 €

   Acquire a new motor for the water pump: 920 €

   Purchase 100 story books for learning to read: 130 €

Cost of the Project: 1,830 €

Project 2019.


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