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Like the water in a river, life is in perpetual movement. Sometimes, it takes its time; it stops for a while. It is put to sleep for a moment, regains its strength, measures the progress made, readjusts things and promotes another way of being and doing, more in keeping with its time and its history.

The associative structure “S.I.D.: Le Bon Espoir”, created by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, with which your faithful contributions permit you to be well-acquainted, has been dissolved.

The challenge of maintaining aid and solidarity here in order to support projects over there is always a reality. The projects presented in preceding bulletins are beginning to bear fruit. And here are some others that your generosity will make possible, so that life over there will be that much easier. You can support these projects by making your cheques out to “Solidarité Projets FSERemember the Amerindian legend of the humming bird which does its little bit... and thank you for continuing to help us to do ours. Sr. Anne-Marie LE PABIC

Practical guidanceIf you wish to make a donation to help and support either of these projects, know that the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit is allowed to receive donations and legacies. It is entitled to deliver tax deductibility receipts to any person that does not belong to the Congregation. It can also benefit from sponsorship.

- Address your checks to: DHS Solidarity Projects and together with your donation specify:

° The project you want to support

° If you wish to receive a tax receipt

- Address your mail to: Congrégation des Filles du Saint Esprit- Solidarity Projects - 15 boulevard Sébastopol - BP 50148 - 35101 RENNES Cedex 3.

- For further information, you can contactSister Anne Donnelly - Tel. 02 99 67 21 48 - Email popup

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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