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"It takes a village to raise a child." This African saying means that the education of a child is not limited to his or her parents; it also depends on the circle of those surroundings him or her.

Friends of the poor and the little ones, we continue to ask your support so that this fledgling work DHS Solidarity Projects can evolve in a humanitarian way.

The appeals launched in 2017 have found a favorable echo with individual donors, associations and solidarity groups, who have generously given to help some very vulnerable people to live with greater dignity. You have participated in basic education, adapted formation, improving the healthcare of the most destitute and in the development of self-help activities. Children, young men and women have been able to reach a better quality of life thanks to your generosity! We say a big thank you for all your gestures, full of heart and soul, which help to save the dignity of the human person.

The projects that we have decided to support in 2018 concern in particular:

   the installation of a solar pump to provide drinkable water to the residents of a district of Diebougou in Burkina Faso;

   the formation at the Center of Formation of Girls/Women of Touroua in Cameroon;

   the formation in sewing and embroidery for young women who have dropped out of school in Nigeria;

   Financial assistance given to students and to individuals who have unstable health in Chile or in Peru.

Your gifts, though modest, can brighten faces and bring back hope. Let us continue to carry together the objective of people first, so that one day they can be self-reliant, living with dignity and contributing in their turn to raising others up. 

Sr. Agnes OBEMBE - February 2018

Practical guidanceIf you wish to make a donation to help and support either of these projects, know that the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit is allowed to receive donations and legacies. It is entitled to deliver tax deductibility receipts to any person that does not belong to the Congregation. It can also benefit from sponsorship.

- Address your checks to: DHS Solidarity Projects and together with your donation specify:

° The project you want to support

° If you wish to receive a tax receipt

- Address your mail to: Congrégation des Filles du Saint Esprit- Solidarity Projects - 15 boulevard Sébastopol - BP 50148 - 35101 RENNES Cedex 3.

- For further information, you can contactSister Anne Donnelly - Tel. 02 99 67 21 48 - Email popup

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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