Justice and Solidarity

  • Loving care

    An "ecological conversion" which will impregnate our relations with the environment and with others.

  • "Stamps workshop"

    ... It is not uncommon to see the family of a Resident stopping to admire the large number and the variety of the stamps spread out on the tables.

  • With our incarcerated brothers...

    On January 1st, 2020, we lived the Eucharistic celebration with our incarcerated brothers at the maximum security prison of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, place of Sister Olga's Apostolate.

  • Making room for...

    "Could you please move forward towards the back of the bus, today I will not leave anyone on the sidewalk!"

  • A treasure...

    Olagoke B... , a young hearing impaired man, was found as an abandoned baby by a police officer in Iwo Nigeria on 2nd of April 2010.

  • Be the voice of the voiceless

    Mr. X..., a partially hearing impaired married man, did not pass through St. Mary’s Rehabilitation and Development Centre Ipetumodu, but his disability as a deaf person makes him a beneficiary of the Centre.

International Family

  • 20 years already! And again, to walk...

    This is how we came, too, after 20 years of commitment to the DHS Family… to set off again after the One whom we wanted to put at the centre, to choose again to walk together "in his presence, in Love".

  • Consecrated life feast day 2020

    Six small rekindled flames, one Light!

  • Meeting, mingling, talking to each other

    On this January 4th, 2020, we have lived a moment of fraternity which builds up a desire for more! This is what created this joyful initiative of two communities, that of No. 22 on the street des capucins and that of No. the 46 rue Notre Dame in Saint Brieuc, by inviting us, Associates, consecrated laywomen from the geographic area for the "Galette des rois" ("the kings cake"). We (...)

 Famille FSE 

 In memory of... 

  • Anna CAVARLE

    Name in religious life: Sister Anne Odile --- Date and place of funeral: Saturday February 22, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. at Sainte-Anne d'Auray, Ker-Anna.

Partnership, Projetc

  • It is the heart that gives and not the hand!

    When the hand offers a gift with generosity, a present, a sum of money… because the hand is an extension of the heart, and "when the heart is not there, the hands are not skilful!", says a Chinese proverb.


    The current atmosphere of insecurity in Burkina Faso has forced more than 500,000 people to leave their homes and their villages to escape death.


    Six young girls currently lodge in the "saré" (huts) of Touroua: three high school girls, two college girls and a student from the Center for the Formation of Young Girls.


    The Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Nigeria are present in the village of Ota.

  • Other projects...

    BUT ALSO… Life continues for all the projects which have seen the light of day in the past few years and are always in need in order to grow and to evolve.

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