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Marie Balavenne Year March 2016 August 2017

  • 15 August 2017

  • Ile Blanche, 15 August 2017 - Marie Balavenne Year? Continuing…

    One year? Yes and even longer as it was on the 19 March 2016 that the solemn opening of the Marie Balavenne Year took place. * 15 August! The day we had been expecting for such a long time, which we had prepared wherever we were!

  • From Notre Dame House to the “Source” House

    On the 20 and 24 July 2017, two groups of Sisters residing at Notre Dame House, EHPAD, in Plestin-Les-Grèves, accompanied by two animators, had the privilege to go to the Mother House in Saint Brieuc -a town in Britanny at about 70 kilometers from Notre Dame House-, to live out a return to the sources so to speak! It was in this House, in fact, that all of them received their religious formation 75 years ago or more. Coming back to this place of their youth did not go without welling up intense emotion within them.

  • In Burkina Faso: a day of thanksgiving

    On Saturday 29 July 2017, our Vice-Province celebrated and exalted Marie Balavenne, our foundress, day of the closure of the 350th year of her birthday. The celebration took place in the cathedral of Diebougou wherein two Sisters, Eugénie Somé and Evelyne Palenfo were also making their final profession in the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. In the course of the Eucharist presided over by Mgr Laurent

  • Nigeria. Celebration of the closing...

    The closing celebration of the year "Marie Balavenne" took place on the 24th of June, 2017 at Ilesa, Osun State.

  • "Marie Balavenne" evening in Flers

    Friday, June 2, 2017, at the invitation of Philippe Pottier, Priest of Flers -Normandie-, today Vicar General of the Orne Diocese, Sister Anne-Marie Foucher, Superior General of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, came to present Mary Balavenne, founder of the Congregation. Coming in friendship for the sisters of the communities of Briouze and Flers or to greet Sister Anne-Marie, a former (...)

  • In Cameroon: a triple event!

    On the 3rd of June 2017, on the eve of Pentacost, in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Doukoula in the Diocese of Yagoua, we celebrated in the Spiritual Family FSE a Eucharist for a triple event: - Closing of the year Marie Balavenne, - Perpetual vows of the sisters Simone Dontsa of the diocese of Bafoussam (West Cameroon), Monique Taïkao and Bertine Bayang of the parish of Touloum in the diocese of Yagoua, - Anniversaries of religious life following Christ in the footsteps of Marie Balavenne: 50 years of Sr Hélène Inizan, the 30 years of Sr Marie-Thérèse Puech and the 20 years of Sr Cyrina Chikwe.

  • USA. Marie Balavenne forever our ally!

    After having celebrated the life, accomplishments and legacy of Marie Balavenne (1666-1743), co-foundress of the Congregation and first Daughter of the Holy Spirit, for a little over a calendar year, Sr. Gertrude Lanouette led the Assembly into a simple ritual for bringing this notable year to closure.

  • EIW. A Mass of thanksgiving

    On Saturday 27 May 2017 on a beautiful sunny day, the EIW Province met in Olney where a Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated to mark the approaching end of this special Year...

  • In Cameroon - A spiritual retreat

    As a follow- up to the program of the activities retained for Marie Balavenne Year, a spiritual retreat was organized on 2-8 April 2017 for all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the Cameroon Vice-Province at the OMI hostel in Garoua. The theme chosen was “Marie Balavenne, a model for us today as Consecrated woman”.

  • At Rennes. “We give you thanks, Lord”

    On 25 March 2017, the n°11, Sébastopol boulevard Daughters of the Holy Spirit and those of Diderot Street in Rennes, had been busy preparing the Hall to welcome the people who would come: chairs, flowers, Marie Balavenne banner, documents and a few pictures of the Congregation assembled. Everything was all set. Seventy five people answered the invitation among whom Mgr Nicolas Souchu and Sister Priscilla Madumere, general (...)

  • At Breteuil, 19 March

    At the very beginning of the year, our community retained the 19 March 2017 to commemorate the birthday of our Foundress, born 350 years before. We told Father Jean René, our Parish Priest, about our project. And on the first Sunday of Lent, the invitation was made to the parishioners of Breteuil, a small town in the Oise Department (Hauts of France region) where our community lives, to come and discover the life of Marie Balavenne,

  • Saint-Brieuc. A contemplative itinerary with Marie Balavenne

    A new itinerary, opened out in the park of the DHS Mother House in Saint Brieuc, was inaugurated on Sunday 19 March 2017, to help us better know who Marie Balavenne was. It is open to the public as of now. Rue des Capucins, Saint Brieuc, on a Sunday afternoon in March, has been inaugurated the "Marie Balavenne itinerary". In her input, Sister Jeanne Le Roux, the DHS (...)

  • A woman for today’s world - Marie Balavenne

    On Sunday 5 February 2017, boys and girls of St Paul’s parish at Nanterre, a town situated in the west outskirts of Paris, gathered at the chaplaincy for a time of reflection: young people of the working-class areas. I am in charge of a group of 11-12 year olds; on that day, some 12-13 year olds also joined us. We viewed the slide-show on Marie Balavenne. Sister Françoise had come to help us technically.

  • Marie Balavenne and Paris suburban youth.

    The Bagneux parishes, in the 92nd Paris district, planned to introduce 11-12 year-olds to a way of living out Christian community life in organizing meetings within the church before the Sunday celebration every second week. Thirty-three students registered and took part in the meetings. During the first term, they examined a variety of subjects through biblical texts and came to discover a few great

  • Burkina-Faso. At Yagma Sanctuary

    Within the context of the activities retained for the Marie Balavenne Year, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the Vice-Province of Burkina-Faso made a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Yagma marial sanctuary in Ouadadougou. * The day was marked by two significant moments. To begin with, all of us, members of the DHS spiritual Family, we walked up towards the marial (...)

  • Sizun. 8 December 2016

    On the 3rd of November, Fr Jean-Yves Dirou, the local dean, willingly agreed that the 350 anniversary of Marie Balavenne’s birth be celebrated on 8 December 2016, in the church of Sizun, a small town of about 2.300 inhabitants, in Brittany -France- . Together, in community -we are three DHS- we asked ourselves how we could make Marie Balavenne (...)

  • Plestin-les Grèves: Notre-Dame House

    8 December 2016. The chapel of Note Dame House at Plestin-Les-Grèves, -Brittany, France- brightly-lit, and in prayerful silence, was ready to welcome Sisters, nearby communities and friends and with, in front of all of us, the banner of Marie Balavenne catching the eyes. Mgr Moutel, bishop of Saint-Brieuc-Tréguier diocese, surrounded by Fr Jean-Jacques Leroy, the parish priest, Fr (...)

  • Brest. A spiritual figure…

    A vocal announcement under the form of a brief but vibrant testimony by Maryse, a DHS Associate, at the Sunday mass of the previous week, a few written invitations… And so it happened that, on 27 November 2016, in spite of the glorious sunny weather calling them to go out for a walk by the sea or to enjoy the countryside, a group of parishioners responded to the invitation and in the afternoon, the parish hall was packed: over 80 women and men including the 5 local Associates, the 2 Consecrated Seculars and the 12 religious (...)

  • Associates - East Coast

    When looking for a theme for their annual East Coast meeting, the Associates decided to highlight once again the Year of Marie Balavenne. Responding to the group’s invitation, Sr. Marian St. Marie, province historian and provincial team member, accepted to lead the Associates through the early history of the Congregation by focusing on the first Daughters of the Holy Spirit and their efforts to grow the young (...)

  • Marie Balavenne Day. Nigeria

    The Exhibition Phase 1 day in honour of the celebration of the year of Marie Balavene was carried out on the 3rd of Septemeber 2016. The assembly declared open by the vice-provincial Sr. Monica Anyi. The activities of the day were facilitated by sr. Esther AMOWE, one of her councillors. The morning mass was celebrated by Very Rev Fr Michael Okodua.  This was followed by  breakfast (...)

  • Most hearty visit. Generalate community

    On Tuesday 13 September 2016, on the occasion of an outing within the context of Marie Balavenne Year, the Generalate community enjoyed the friendly visit of members of the Holy Spirit Family from Loyat (Morbihan), France. It was a

  • Our ‘sacred history.’ EIW

    September 3rd 2016. A gathering of almost 70 members of our Spiritual Family, Sisters and Associates, assembled together at the Parish Hall of Erdington Abbey, Birmingham. It was a joyous, friendly and happy occasion as we greeted one another from various parts of England, Wales and Ireland. The hall was beautifully decorated with floral arrangements, the banner of Marie Balavenne and an artist’s impression of Le Legue and the House of Charity. This work of art has (...)

  • EIW Family Assembly

    September 3rd 2016 - Birmingham. Nearly 70 Sister and associates gathered in the Redemptorist Abbey Hall in Erdington. This was our special Family Assembly to celebrate the year of Marie Balavenne. We travelled from Ireland, Wales all parts of England and even from France. Our two Secular branch members were with us in spirit as they were in the USA at the (...)

  • From Santiago, Chile

    Our “Marie Balavenne” little community of Conchali -Conchali is a suburb which is situated to the North-West of Chile-, wished to celebrate the Year dedicated to Marie Balavenne, foundress of the Congregation, with the DHS Family as a whole: religious Sisters, Associates and Consecrated laywomen. Our very first design was to journey in the following of Marie Balavenne under the form of a (...)

  • Nigeria. Planification…

    In the vice province of Nigeria we have planned the following activities to celebrate the “year of Marie Balavenne”. Common prayer throughout the year to be said by. Prayer cards have been prepared for the year all sisters and novices, all associates and candidates, all postulants and aspirants, all the students in our schools and staff share in the prayer, all workers in our institutions join us in (...)

  • Olney: Jumble Sale

    To commemorate the Year of Marie Balavenne, the sisters, associates and parishioners of Olney held a Sale of Work which, through the generosity of all, raised over £1,000 ($1,275) to support our mission in Peru. It was a joyous and happy event, of fun and friendship, uniting the parish community and... even the rain stayed away for a few hours!

  • Nigeria Celebrates.

    The inaugural mass for the year of \Mari Balavene Lagos-Abeokuta Zone took place  in Ilogbo, at "Marie Balavenne’s" Catholic College on 19th of March 2016 which coincidentally was the Solemnity of St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary! The Lagos-Abeokuta zone consists of Assumpta Community (Ilogbo, Ota), Jean Leuduger Community (Idimu, Lagos), Ota Community (Ota) and Aradagun Community (Lagos).

  • Burkina-Faso. Opening

    In Burkina-Faso, the opening of Marie Balavenne Year was celebrated on 11-12 June 2016, in Saint Joseph Mukassa parish in Kougoudou diocese, Koudougou, the town in which the Daughters of the Holy Spirit first community was set up. On Saturday 11, a prayerful evening gathered all the DHS Spiritual Family members – aspirants, postulants, associates, Secular Branch candidates and religious (...)

  • Bedford. DHS Associates...

    Celebrating Marie Balavenne with other Associates and Secular Groups in Bedford, in England... In the 350th celebratory Year of Marie Balavenne, Bedford DHS Associates recently invited the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Seculars (SS.CC) and the order of Franciscan seculars (ofs) to a special evening of adoration, and to a presentation on (...)

  • Koza: A special Pentecost.

    On 2nd April 2016, Sister Pauline Maïsenso, vice-provincial -Cameroon-, invited all the communities to celebrate the “Marie Balavenne Year”, within their respective parishes and missionary insertions. This prompted the community of Koza, a town in Maroua-Mokolo diocese, to live out and mark Pentecost Day in a special way. On the eve, the sisters of the (...)

  • USA: the Celebration Continues

    “We must remember our beginnings,the humble people who, one day, did quite simply what their heart told them had to be done then.  They could not have known what was to happen.  History is nourished by ordinary love.” ‘The Hidden Source’ by Madeleine Le Saux.

  • Olney: Retreat

    In the week before Pentecost (May 2016), 35 sisters and several associates gathered together at Olney for a retreat led by Sister Yvette Le Grand. Yvette led us on a deeply spiritual and amazing journey following in the footsteps of Marie Balavenne, from her early years, then as a wife, mother, widow, and eventually, as the foundress of our DHS Family. Yvette shared with us a wealth of material, reflections and prayer, opening up for us in (...)

  • USA: Launching...

    The long-awaited day finally arrived. April 22-24.  Delegates to the DHS USA Family Assembly gathered in the gymnatorium for their special weekend and Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, Provincial, made it official:  the year dedicated to the legacy of foundress Marie Balavenne had begun.

  • Olney Celebrates

    The opening of the Marie Balavenne year was a memorable and joyful occasion for the community.  It is a very special foundation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the EIW Province, because it is the only Convent which was newly built for the Sisters. The Superior General at that time authorised the use of the patrimony of one of the Breton Sisters, who came to England in 1902, to build the Convent. The chief ministry of the Sisters in (...)

  • Dublin Celebrates

    Easter 2016 was a time of remembrance in Ireland, especially in Dublin. We celebrated the birth of a nation, a hundred years of growth since the country became a republic.  It was in this context that the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, together with the Associates, some parishoners and friends, gathered at the Raheny DHS Community on 13 April to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of their foundress, Marie (...)

  • Cameroon. Opening

    "Marie Balavenne, God sowed in you a seed of imperishable love. Marie Balavenne, God sowed in you a seed that bears fruit in plenty”. -Song composed by Sister Germé Bava-. On 2 April 2016, we celebrated the opening of Marie Balavenne Year in the vice-province of Cameroon

  • Pilgrimage. Consecrated Seculars

    On 19th March, to begin the year of Marie Balavenne, we, Anne Busby and Ann Marsland, decided to mark this important day by going on Pilgrimage to St David’s City in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This very tiny city was the birth place of St David. He is the Patron Saint of Wales.  Near the cliff edge there are the ruins of the house where his (...)

  • Heiresses

    Published on le (...)

  • Marie Balavenne: 350 years !

    An unusual number of women and men converge towards 20 rue des Capucins in Saint Brieuc, France. This Saturday 19 March 2016, the Mother House of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit is joyfully celebrating the 350th anniversary of Marie Balavenne, the one who is at the origin of the DHS Congregation; the one who is also, on a larger scale, at the origin of the DHS Spiritual Family: women religious, consecrated lay

  • 19 March 2016. Homily

    Homily for the feast day of Saint Joseph - Opening of Marie Balavenne Year: 350 years (1666-2016).   Famous paintings but also stained-glass windows, in our churches, have very often put the Annunciation in front of our eyes, the annunciation to Mary, as Paul Claudel said. 

  • 19 March 2016. Sending

    I would like, in the name of us all, thank Mgr Moutel and all the persons who, in one way or another, have contributed to the preparation and the successful unfolding of the celebration and of our gathering: the liturgy group and the choir, Sr Agnès Stéphan and the sisters of the Mother House, Mr Couratin, directeur, and all the staff. My warmest thanks to each and every one. Thanks also to all of you who have come to celebrate with us the 350th anniversary of the birth of Marie Balavenne.

  • 19 March 2016. Opening day

    Bienvenue. Welcome. Bienvenida ! Yes, welcome to all of you who have come to celebrate with us the Opening of Marie Balavenne Year, on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of her birth. (lighting of “Marie Balavenne” banner) 

  • Abergavenny: Inauguration

    The inauguration of this special year took place in Abergavenny, Wales, on 16 March, 2016. The Sisters and Associates as part of the DHS Family met together for reflection, prayer and celebration on this memorable occasion in the history of the Congregation. Our beautiful surroundings of hills, valleys and rivers, enhanced by the song of the birds, enabled us to feel very close to God’s creation.

  • Burkina-Faso: program

    "Marie BALAVENNE year": planning. * An opening celebration of Marie Balavenne year at Koudougou on 11-12 June 2016. In the course of the year, together with the associates we plan: - A novena of prayer

  • Cameroon: program

    "Marie Balavenne year": planning of activities.  2 April 2016. Eucharistic celebration in the Christ-Saviour church, Maroua-Domayo, for the opening of the Marie Balavenne year. 4 April 2016-August 2017. A novena in honor of Marie Balavenne,  through

  • USA: program

    “Marie Balavenne” year. This special anniversary year was announced to all the members of our DHS Family, to our faithful donors and supporters and to all our on-line readers through our Development Office publication REALITY which may be read in its entirety at www.daughtersoftheholyspirit.org Putnam (...)

  • EIW: program

    The EIW Province has already drawn up a rich and varied programme of events "Year of Marie Balavenne" -March 2016, August 2017-  to celebrate this momentous occasion in the life of the DHS Family. At the beginning of the year, 19 March 2016, each community in the Province will celebrate the opening at the local level with their local Associates and the Secular Branch (...)

  • To the DHS Spiritual Family

    THE MARIE BALAVENNE YEAR will enfold from March 2016 to August 2017. Each Unit has already started to envisage how it might live it out in a way of its own: with whom? When? Where?... The year will open in March, so we have two months ahead of us to think about it. It would be advisable that, as of the first of March 2016, the site of the (...)

  • To note in your calendars...

    Marie Balavenne Year 

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