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19 March 2016. Sending

I would like, in the name of us all, thank Mgr Moutel and all the persons who, in one way or another, have contributed to the preparation and the successful unfolding of the celebration and of our gathering: the liturgy group and the choir, Sr Agnès Stéphan and the sisters of the Mother House, Mr Couratin, directeur, and all the staff. My warmest thanks to each and every one. Thanks also to all of you who have come to celebrate with us the 350th anniversary of the birth of Marie Balavenne.

On this 19 March 2016, I therefore officially declare open the Marie Balavenne year which will come to an end on 15 August 2017 at Ile Blanche.

Throughout the coming year, in our diverse Units, let’s commemorate Marie Balavenne’s simple, humble personality and let’s give thanks to God for giving her to us as foundress and inspirer. And also, as she found how to respond to the needs of her time, let’s allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit, and entrust ourselves to Mary. Let’s be attentive to the needs of our world, of our peoples, and let’s seek how to respond to today’s needs, with others. We’ll thus answer the pressing call of Pope Francis to witness to the tender love and mercy of our God. Let’s all ask the Spirit to make of us, more particularly throughout this year, like Marie Balavenne, joyous witnesses of the "love which transforms the world."

As a token of our communion throughout the Marie Balavenne year, I am now going to hand a banner similar to this one, but smaller, over to each Provincial and vice-provincial for the Spiritual Family of her Unit. (Handing of the banners over to the provincials and vice-provincials of the Congregation.)

Sœur Anne-Marie Foucher, Supérieures générale de la Congrégation. 19 March 2016. Publié le 24/03/2016


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