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Cameroon: program

"Marie Balavenne year": planning of activities. 

2 April 2016. Eucharistic celebration in the Christ-Saviour church, Maroua-Domayo, for the opening of the Marie Balavenne year.

4 April 2016-August 2017. A novena in honor of Marie Balavenne,  through the Intercession of the Virgin Mary. (Sisters/Associates)

Once a week. Rosary asking for Marie Balavenne’s guidance.

A formation session for the spiritual Family. Study and reflection on a few texts of La Colombe n° 50

Throughout the year. Ongoing formation for the Associates (perusing and interiorizing the Book of Life).

Easter Holidays 2017. Yearly retreat in different groups.

Pentecost 2017. Closure of Marie Balavenne Year at Doukoula.

Making of loincloths and scarves - Slide shows and notice boards on display - Composition of songs and poems - Setting up of a solidarity fund.

N.B.  A comity has been set up to see to the good process of these activities.

Sister Pauline Maisenso, Vice-Provincial of Cameroon. Published on 6/04/2016

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