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Burkina-Faso: program

"Marie BALAVENNE year": planning.

* An opening celebration of Marie Balavenne year at Koudougou on 11-12 June 2016.

In the course of the year, together with the associates we plan:

- A novena of prayer

- A recollection

- An evening of prayer

- Media information to help our people get some knowledge of the life of our foundress and of the Congregation, as well as an exposition.

- Testimony by an elder layman and by Sister Genevieve Guernion to evoke the arrival of the first DHS at Koudougou and at Diebougou.

- Times of adoration, every week, times of prayer every month, study of “Colombe” -yearly DHS reviews-, visits to prisoners.

- A festive evening, evocation of Marie Balavenne way of life

- A pilgrimage to Yagma, a marial sanctuary in Ouagadougou dicese.

* Eucharistic celebration for the closure in may 2017 in Diebougou diocese.

Published on 21/04/2016

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