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USA: the Celebration Continues

“We must remember our beginnings,the humble people who, one day, did quite simply what their heart told them had to be done then.  They could not have known what was to happen.  History is nourished by ordinary love.” The Hidden Source’ by Madeleine Le Saux.

It is in that attitude that we continue to celebrate the 350th birthday of our co-foundress, Marie Balavenne.  And, as we all know and have experienced, music and song are always a most appropriate manner of celebrating someone and/or something. So it happened that Associate Jennifer Carey followed through on her contacts with a stupendouly talented Renaissance group who perform to assist the less favored, the Goodlie Company, and booked a concert of madrigals and motets for the Sisters of the US Province. The highly anticipated performance took place in our Provincial House gymnatorium on a gorgeous Saturday in mid May. Adding to the exquisite sounds of the group, the members personalized their musical visit by mixing and blending with the Sisters to share sincerely appreciated ‘up close and personal’ moments that obviously created new pages for the history of the province.

But the May birthday celebration did not stop with the delightful sounds of yesteryear; it continued on the following weekend as a number of DHS Family members and welcomed guests from the general area gathered once more to praise and thank our God for the many favors we have all received and to petition the Trinity to help us to create a new world of hope and genuine love.

The Taizé style prayer was introduced by Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, Provincial, who welcomed one and all, reminding us that MARIE BALAVENNE, was a woman of deep prayer and that we had gathered at this time to celebrate her legacy. Sister then turned the program over to Sr. Michèle Bisaillon, facilitator for the evening. The next 45 minutes found all participants singing, reflecting and sharing intercessions. Mrs. Priscilla Dowd along with Sr. Lorraine Déziel accompanied the chorus (Sisters Gertrude, Marion Pepin, Marian St. Marie and Norma Bourdon) who led the assembly in canons and mantras.  The well-know “Dona Nobis Pacem”, prayer for peace was central to this moving prayer experience. The Commissioning and Benediction, inviting all to stand and join hands as a visible, tangible sign of unity, concluded the powerful prayer experience.

So it is that the Province continues to mark this very special year dedicated to a humble and simple woman who did everyday things to the best of her ability and never forgot to give thanks to her God for each lived experience. “She could not have known what was to happen”.

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