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Burkina-Faso. Opening

In Burkina-Faso, the opening of Marie Balavenne Year was celebrated on 11-12 June 2016, in Saint Joseph Mukassa parish in Kougoudou diocese, Koudougou, the town in which the Daughters of the Holy Spirit first community was set up.

On Saturday 11, a prayerful evening gathered all the DHS Spiritual Family members – aspirants, postulants, associates, Secular Branch candidates and religious sisters.

The next day, Sunday 12 June, we had a magnificent Eucharistic celebration. From the entrance procession composed of the spiritual family members up to the various liturgical interventions, everything was of the greatest significance and gave us the occasion to allow the great assembly which had come to sustain us, to get to know Marie Balavenne, a humble woman, close to the lowly, foundress of our Congregation. As to the homily, the principal celebrant, Father Toussaint Tiendrebeogo, invited a Daughter of the Holy Spirit to come forward and talk to the assembly about the Daughters of the Holy Spirit life and more specifically about Marie Balavenne whose 350 birthday anniversary we were celebrating: the virtues which characterized her, her humility, her simplicity, her sensitivity to the sufferings of her people. The radiant witness of Mrs. Edwige Kiemdé, the very first Burkinabe Associate, crowned with joy our wish to make Marie Balavenne and the life of the very first Daughters of the Holy Spirit to be known. It was with great emotion that we listened to the history of our beginnings in Burkina Faso. She did not omit to mention the 1994 merger (between the Sisters of Notre Dame of Briouze and the Daughters of the Holy Spirit)thanks to which we are present in Burkina today. After recalling the memory of the first sister, the foundress of the re-education centre “Yid-n-Kène” -which means: Stand up and walk”- arrived at Koudougou in 1979, Mrs Edwige Kiembé named the twenty or so sisters who have been called to answer the various missionary works here and more particularly the very first Burkinabe, sister Olga Kiendrebeogo, from the cathedral parish.

After the mass, the glass of friendship brought to the community house all those who wished to greet us with a special welcome.

Sister Eugénie Palenfo, DHS - 5 June 2016. Published on 16/06/2016



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