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From Santiago, Chile

Our “Marie Balavenne” little community of Conchali -Conchali is a suburb which is situated to the North-West of Chile-, wished to celebrate the Year dedicated to Marie Balavenne, foundress of the Congregation, with the DHS Family as a whole: religious Sisters, Associates and Consecrated laywomen. Our very first design was to journey in the following of Marie Balavenne under the form of a pilgrimage. We wanted our neighbors and friends to come to have a better knowledge and appreciation of her.

Displaying the portrait of Marie Balavenne, we set out towards the House of Jenny and Mauricio: Jenny is the daughter of Haydée and Manuel, two associates of ours. We gathered for a time of prayer and sharing, and evoked part of Marie Balavenne’s childhood. The following week, we went to the house of Haydée and Manuel who had invited friends of theirs. A vibrant sharing called forth various aspects of our foundress’s life. Later on, we came back to the home of Jenny and Mauricio whose daughter of rather poor health is very fond of Marie Balavenne. Henceforth, we went to the house of Gémita, a Consecrated Secular, who had brought together part of her family and a couple of friends. Then Marie Balavenne pursued her pilgrimage on to the home of Elvira and Manuel who live in "Quilapelun", on the outskirts of Colina to the North of Santiago... 

Kenia Alfaro, DHS - Publisheh on 18/08/2016

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