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Associates - East Coast

When looking for a theme for their annual East Coast meeting, the Associates decided to highlight once again the Year of Marie Balavenne.

Responding to the group’s invitation, Sr. Marian St. Marie, province historian and provincial team member, accepted to lead the Associates through the early history of the Congregation by focusing on the first Daughters of the Holy Spirit and their efforts to grow the young congregation.

The opening prayer led the participants directly into the attitude of faith and docility to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit shared and exemplified by and through the lives of Marie Balavenne, Renée Burel, Marie Allenou de Grandchamp, Catherine Anne Marie Briand and Yvonne Clec’h... Time was allowed for table reflection and buzzing between the introduction of each early Daughter. A concluding ritual depicting the building up of the Congregation through the years following and setting forth a light for all generations brought this memorable  and educational day to closure. Once again our Province revisited the giftedness and the open responses of those women who gave life to our charism and nurtured it through many years, passing it on to future generations just as we, DHS Associates, are called to do in our day and into the future.

We wish everyone a happy on-going celebration of the Year of Marie Balavenne.

Dr. Diane Summa. Associate - Published on 28/10/2016

The photos show the Associates who participated in this event, Sr. Marian St Marie, Dr. Diane Summa and the building blocks of the congregation over the early years.


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