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Permanent diaconate ordination

I have been privileged to be a member of the team who accompanied Noël up to his ordination as a permanent deacon, and his wife Liliane. They have five children of their own and have adopted a little niece at the age of 5.

Noël was ordained deacon on 22 October 2016. I got to know Noël through sport when I arrived at Nanterre, a town situated in the western suburbs of Paris. He was a senior sport teacher, much appreciated by everyone. He is also a member of the chaplaincy team I belong to, in the Nanterre Hospice-care Centre. Noël has been professionally retired as of January 2016. I felt honored when he requested to be part of our accompanying Team. At the same time, knowing what a group sharing entails, I had to discover everything concerning the ministry of deacons, what is implied by a sharing of convictions, of questioning, of respective discipleship according to their sensitivity. The accompanying team started on 8 December 2013 to the ratio of a meeting every second month based upon the sharing of the Word of God, study and reflection on the ministry of deacons, formation, commitment, the wife’s and children’s place… Invocation to the Holy Spirit is important for the couple.

I give thanks to God for these last three years, a period which has been for me a time of going deeper into my own vocation. A deacon is consecrated and ordained for the service of the Word of God, of liturgy, and caring love. Aren’t I myself called to be a woman of prayer, imbued with the Word of God, to the service of all and everyone with special attentiveness to the unfortunate among “the most unfortunate”:  Marie Balavenne, first DHS, enable us to humbly stay by their side with tenderness and kindness.

Céline Guillot DHS, Nanterre community. Published on 7/11/2016


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