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Sizun. 8 December 2016

On the 3rd of November, Fr Jean-Yves Dirou, the local dean, willingly agreed that the 350 anniversary of Marie Balavenne’s birth be celebrated on 8 December 2016, in the church of Sizun, a small town of about 2.300 inhabitants, in Brittany -France- .

Together, in community -we are three DHS- we asked ourselves how we could make Marie Balavenne and Renée Burel known to the parishioners, who they were. Various ways were suggested… One of us thought of creating 2 panels that would relate part of what they had lived out. This was for us a time of research -documents, written texts, pictures…- it was a time of loving relationship, of sharing, reflection and discoveries all the while sustaining and encouraging each other. We needed a support for our panels:  - so we had to find a carpenter, make leaflets to be affixed in the 23 churches of the deanery, - write an insert to be published in the deanery bulletin by the end of November,  - write invitations to be sent to or to be given to the people we know and those we regularly encounter.

The celebration was due to start at 6pm in the church of Sizun. We were surprised to see more and more people coming in! In actual fact, they were more numerous than on ordinary Sundays for mass, we had thought, maybe there would be a dozen or so… They were over a hundred. School children accompanied by their catechists and parents had joined the crowd. In the evening, we presented the panels. At 6.15, the organs invited the assembly to enter the Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by 5 priests. At the end of the mass, the Angelus sung in Breton resonated powerfully, telling of the conviction of the faithful present.

Then a “verre de l’amitié” was offered to all present. Many parishioners told us how much they had enjoyed that Eucharist.

The articles on the various manifestations which have taken place in honor of Marie Balavenne, wherever the Congregation is implanted and which we have collected from the Site, are regrouped in a folder which will remain for a while at the entrance of the church at the disposal of all those who are interested.

Sizun community. Published on 16/12/2016


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