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Burkina-Faso. At Yagma Sanctuary

Within the context of the activities retained for the Marie Balavenne Year, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the Vice-Province of Burkina-Faso made a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Yagma marial sanctuary in Ouadadougou. *

The day was marked by two significant moments. To begin with, all of us, members of the DHS spiritual Family, we walked up towards the marial grotto in deep prayerful silence, all the while telling our beads in both French and Mooré, interspersed by refrains and prayers of intercession for the DHS Family as a whole.

Afterwards, we entered the sanctuary for the Sunday mass. The priest gave us a warm welcome. He asked us to take part in the liturgy, inviting us to do the readings. In his homily, he called us to rejoice in hope, as the texts demanded. Then we stayed a little while to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Once out, we took some pictures - souvenir. We put an end to our pilgrimage round a festive meal and a glass of refreshment at the provincial house.

At about 4 pm, we resumed our way back, glad to have lived out such a grace-filled day! Thanks to the vice-provincial council and the organizing team.

Community Marie Balavenne home- Diebougou. Published on 19/12/2016

* The site of Yagma was chosen in 1968 to become a spot of marial sanctuary. It is a hill, not very high, on which was built a reconstitution of Lourdes grotto in lateritic stones. The site is at about 15 kilometers from Ouagadougou. The flow of pilgrims has been increasing ever since. The construction of Our Lady of Yagma church took nearly 27 years. The building has a capacity of 2300 people or so.  

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