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Life continues for all the projects which have seen the light of day in the past few years and are always in need in order to grow and to evolve. You can also support, by your gift, these works in which our Sisters remain very involved and which incessantly need to renew material or create adaptive equipment.

In Chile and Peru:

 Ÿ A solidarity fund for students in difficulty.

 Ÿ The SOVISEM Social Centre of Callao in Peru.

 In Burkina Faso:

 Ÿ St. Jean School in Phariyago.

 In Cameroon:

 Ÿ The Jeannette Horbaita Centre, Ziling.

 Ÿ The Marie Balavenne Hostel, Mbang.

 Ÿ The boarding school for the Baka children, Mbang.

 Ÿ The Formation Centre, Touroua.

 In Nigeria:

 Ÿ St. Mary Rehabilitation Centre, Ipetu-Modu.

 Ÿ The Iree Dispensary.

 Ÿ A solidarity fund for the school children.




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