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At Rennes. “We give you thanks, Lord”

On 25 March 2017, the n°11, Sébastopol boulevard Daughters of the Holy Spirit and those of Diderot Street in Rennes, had been busy preparing the Hall to welcome the people who would come: chairs, flowers, Marie Balavenne banner, documents and a few pictures of the Congregation assembled. Everything was all set.

Seventy five people answered the invitation among whom Mgr Nicolas Souchu and Sister Priscilla Madumere, general councilor. And each one of the two communities played her part to the best of her abilities... The presentation of the “Youth and Vocations” video, followed by a film on our Congregation being today the DHS spiritual Family with its Three Branches… the public to react!

What makes your Congregation different from the others? You all seem to have the same activities.” In actual fact, most Congregations answered to the needs of their time: care for the sick, help the poor, teaching the children who could not afford to go to school how to read… However each Congregation has its own spirituality. That question gave the Sisters of the other Congregations present the occasion to take the floor in turn: Saint Meen Sisters, St Cyr Sisters, St Thomas de Villeneuve, Providence of Saint Brieuc. It was a very rich sharing which we appreciated very much.

Further reactions: “I am astonished to hear that your Foundress could not read or write but I can see that she was an exceptionally warm-hearted woman”, said Sylvie, a laywoman. “I have always been struck by your simplicity and I can see that from the very beginning it had been so in the Daughters of the Holy Spirit DNA”, added Jean-Claude, a priest. “One can see what and how you live but what I appreciate most is to hear you express why, how, this is what matters”. Nicolas Souch, Bishop. “A few years ago, you had spoken to me about the Associates. I wasn’t ready at the time. Today I am. Who do I have to contact and ask what to do to be an Associate?” Marie-José.

We can all give thanks for this Annunciation day :

 We give you thanks, Lord, for your loving        kindness ;                                                          We want to sing your glory on to the far ends    of the earth.

Sister Françoise Lévêque DHS. Published on 28/03/2017

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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