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In Cameroon - A spiritual retreat

As a follow- up to the program of the activities retained for Marie Balavenne Year, a spiritual retreat was organized on 2-8 April 2017 for all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the Cameroon Vice-Province at the OMI hostel in Garoua. The theme chosen was “Marie Balavenne, a model for us today as Consecrated woman”. For five days, Sr Agnès Obembe, a general councilor, helped us to delve anew into the source of our origins and to drink from it. With the help of the Holy Spirit, she traced for us a spiritual journey: “Pray with Marie Balavenne, Renée Burel and their companions, live in depth the spiritual experience of our foundresses, welcome that fruitful gift and adopt the spiritual attitudes which characterize us”.

This time of spiritual renewal called each sister to revisit her life in the following of Jesus-Christ on the footsteps of Marie Balavenne and her companions, and to reconsider her identity as DHS. Each one rediscovered the richness and spirituality of our charism. An invitation and challenge to receive from God the love which enables her to devote herself to the service of the poor, the sick, the children and her sisters in community… ”Since they must be filled with charity in order to fulfill their obligations, they shall honor… the three adorable Persons of the Trinity… They shall look upon the Virgin Mary as their Patroness, and advocate with the Holy Spirit… " Rule of Taden: art.1. It was also an invitation to let ourselves be transformed by the Word of God so as to live out the spiritual attitudes which characterized our foundresses: humility and gentleness, docility to the Holy Spirit, simplicity and sincerity, fraternal love, availability… In short, to put ourselves at the school of Jesus, gentle and humble of heart, and of Mary our advocate to be totally committed to God at the service of the poor and become more fully Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

And to end, each sister was invited to read the message Marie Balavenne and her companions addressed to her in the course of the retreat: “The other is a god-given gift… Honorable daughters, having to be filled with charity, gentleness, humility… To serve and to adore is one and the same thing… To root oneself in the Trinitarian love …”

Saturday morning was set aside for information. A thanksgiving mass was celebrated in honor of Sister Solange Jegorel who is definitely leaving Cameroon after a 40 years’ presence here. Dear Sister, our Cameroon Marie Balavenne, thanks for all you are and all you have been for us. Thanks for the total gift of yourself to God at the service of the poor in Cameroon. May the Lord in His bountiful kindness shower you with His manifold blessings.

A glass of friendship was shared with the OMI of Garoua.

"Marie Balavenne, do carry us along the path of adoration and service."

Sister Angèle Silikam. Published on 19/04/2017

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