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In Cameroon: a little Marie Balavenne!

The life of Marie Balavenne, foundress of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Congregation, has seduced Mana Gregoire, one of our Associates, so much that he has given his daughter the name of Marie Balavenne. Marie Balavenne was born on 2 December 2010, at Touroua in the North Cameroon region. She is the fourth of six siblings.

Here is the talk he had with Sister Pauline Maisenso, the vice-provincial, about what motivated him to choose that name for her.

Sister Pauline: What has led you to give the name of Marie Balavenne to your daughter?

Grégoire: What has led me to give my daughter the name of Marie Balavenne –it is what has amazed me in that woman, her human and spiritual qualities. I would love my daughter to espouse the virtues of Marie Balavenne, that is: love of the other, love of God through the intermediary of Mary our advocate with the Holy Spirit, proximity to the poor. This is the reason why I opted for that name, on the day when I had to make the name of my daughter known. In our society, the name has a great impact on the person.

Sister Pauline: How do you live out the spirituality of the Congregation on a daily basis?

Grégoire: I live out this spirituality in my way of praying, rereading my life, recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit within me; promptly answering the needs of the others, and being at their service. I instantly respond to the distress around me … it is only afterwards that I recognize what I have done! For instance, I have helped a young girl, in pleading with her father to send her to school; and I take charge for her schooling as she is not intellectually gifted.

“Marie Balavenne, warm-hearted woman, do intercede for me”.

Transmitted by Angèle Silikam. Published on 21/04/2017

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