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In Cameroon: a triple event!

On the 3rd of June 2017, on the eve of Pentacost,  in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption of Doukoula in the Diocese of Yagoua, we celebrated in the Spiritual Family FSE  a Eucharist for a triple event: - Closing of the year Marie Balavenne,  Perpetual vows of the sisters Simone Dontsa of the diocese of Bafoussam (West Cameroon), Monique Taïkao and Bertine Bayang of the parish of Touloum in the diocese of Yagoua, - Anniversaries of religious life following Christ in the footsteps of Marie Balavenne: 50 years of Sr Hélène Inizan, the 30 years of Sr Marie-Thérèse Puech and the 20 years of Sr Cyrina Chikwe.

On June 2, in the evening, the parish was filled with prayer and festivity. During a vigil of prayer, Sisters Monique, Simone and Bertine expressed their journey following Christ in the footsteps of Mary Balavenne and her companions. The FSE and the associate laypersons renewed their commitments. Also on the program: the staging of the life of Marie Balavenne and her companions '' by FSE and a concert of religious music by young people of the parish.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Monsignor Barthélémy Yaouda Ourgo, Bishop of Yagoua, surrounded by forty priests, Christians of various denominations, religious and friends from all corners of Cameroon to share with us the joy of the celebration. The biblical texts chosen for the occasion are the texts of the solemnity ofPentecost. Monsignor Bartholomew invoked the gifts of the Spirit-Spirit over the whole assembly so that he might grant each one the grace of holiness. In his homily he invited us to be "missionaries of peace". For he who receives the peace of Christ has the responsibility to transmit it around him. In general, he urged the FSE "to move offshore, to be the leaven in the dough, to go to the periphery, to imitate the missionary audacity of their elders who worked to found several missions in Northern Cameroon, to live the charism fully, to be witnesses of the Gospel, to pray and constantly worship the Holy Trinity, to have an open heart towards the poor, to be attentive to the miseries of the peoples to whom they are sent, and to make theirs the recommendation of  Pope John Paul II: "Today evangelization is done on your knees, that is, in contemplation, worship and prayer."

And in a special way, he addressed the three professed in these terms: "Called to be primarily in the service of the poorest and the smallest, this is the mission of the Church, more specifically that of the consecrated . To be faithful to the Holy Spirit and to draw from the adoration of the Holy Trinity the courage, enthusiasm and boldness of missionaries: such an attitude will make you true heirs to the charism of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit help you, as you so often say, to bring about a new world to which humanity aspires. After the homily, it was time for the dialogue between the vice-provincial and the young professed. Then a solemn moment that when each one pronounced their desire to give themselves totally to Jesus pure, poor and obedient. The crowd's "you you" joyful sounded! In their turn, the people celebrating their jubilee renewed their commitment to follow Christ. Finally all the FSE together expressed their thanksgiving by the Magnificat danced around the altar.

The beauty of the ceremony was enhanced by various symbols. - A convolvulacea. (Bindweed) "It is a very discreet flower, insignificant and "apparently unimportant", sometimes even ignored. When the sun rises, it opens, becomes very beautiful and well blossomed: it symbolizes my journey... It is thanks to the light of the Word of God read and meditated that I was able to open myself to  the love of God and others and to blossom... " Monique. - A clay vase. "Small piece of clay torn from the bowels of the earth. The potter kneads it, the clay lets itself be made. It gives it a form. Like this little piece of clay torn from the ground, the Lord snatched me from the bowels of Bamendou, in the diocese of Bafoussam, to bring me to the Far North. Through the Word of God read, meditated and lived and community life, the Lord has shaped me and I have taken shape, a form according to his will... ". Bertine.A tree. "For me, living in Christ is like a tree that always needs to be firmly rooted in a soil well-watered. In order to fulfill my commitment to God and to receive his love and be able to communicate it, I will always need to keep my life rooted in the Holy Trinity. " Simone

The symbol of the year Marie Balavenne: a tree symbolizing the little seed that Marie Balavenne and her companions have sown with the help of the Holy Spirit in Breton soil since 1706. This small seed feeding on the sap of love (Trinitarian love) has germinated, has become a great tree and has yielded much fruit ... It offers its fruits to every hungry person, its shade to those who want to rest, its wood to the homeless families. It is the work of the Spirit in the world through the simple gestures of members of the FSE spiritual family.

Eucharistic celebration beautiful, rich and full of emotions! And just before the end of the Mass, as if to confirm that God sends his Spirit on us abundantly, the rain has come to water Doukoula's land! A glass of friendship has been shared with all the participants in the community of FSE. This event was for us a sign of unity, solidarity, fraternity and friendship in the Church, the family of God in northern Cameroon.

"Blessed are you, Lord, for so many wonders. Holy Spirit, lead us to new shores. Marie Balavenne and her companions, intercede for us! "

Sister Angèle Silikam. Published on 15/06/2017

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