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News from Peru

The daughters of the Holy Spirit and the associates of the Vice Province of Chile-Peru celebrated Pentecost on Sunday, June 4, 2017 in the "House of the Child" in the area of ​​Agustino in Lima, Peru. Kenia Alfaro, Vice-Provincial, had come from Chile for the occasion. All, united as a family, have renewed their commitments, Associates and Religious and Mery Muñoz of the Medio Mundo sector, made her first commitment as Associate... Welcome to her!

On the same day, all of them said "good-bye" to Sister Odile Le Bras and Sister Simonne Leschevin, who will return to France, their home country, on 24 June.

Sister Odile, after a rest period, will join the Community from Brest at Pontanézen, after spending 24 years in Peru and 7 years in Chile; Sister Simonne will join the community of Paris, rue Jules Chaplain, after 15 years in Peru and 7 years in Chile. A warm thank you to both for their mission among us in Latin America.

By Américo Espinoza, Associado de Huaura, Peru, and Yvonne Cuellar, Associate of Chile.


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