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Bright Day in the Family

On Sunday, June 18, 2017, in Lanriec, a small town in Brittany, France, the sun shines and warms us, but in the chruch of Notre-Dame de Lorette  it is as if it were coming from elsewhere: it is the sun of our meeting…

Yveline is at the center of the gathering. Today, with her, a family support worker, the "ASSOCIÉS" branch will grow, because she is going to engage in it with joy and simplicity. For this event, Sr. Jeanne Le Roux, Provincial, has come to receive Yveline's commitment and welcome her as an Associate in the Daughter Family of the Holy Spirit,  as well as Michèle Le Page, President of the Bureau des Associés and Her husband Remy, permanent deacon; "Her accompanying team" during the two years of the journey: Marie-Madeleine Raymond and Geneviève Dumur, associates and Sister Madeleine Lelieur, -related to Sr. Yvonne Siviniant who had started with this team; Thérèse Jacq, from the first group of Associés de France who made her commitment 20 years ago, members of each team of associates of Brittany and accompanying sisters ... Françoise Dupont who represents the Lay Consecrated. In short, let's say it: such a gathering also builds the "FAMILY"!

The celebration of the WORD by Father André Gourmelen was prayerful. His commentary on the Gospel of Matthew 5: 13-16 was inspiring.

We say congratulations and thank you to the sisters of Trégunc for their involvement in the preparations of the snack that followed; Yveline’s mother  had created the decor and made of succulent pancakes!

As we leave, let us keep, as a project, these words of one of the songs: "With our hands my friends, we will build a bridge And we will cross the river. From our lives, my friends, other bridges are springing up. Here is the time when man hopes”

Marie-Reine, Associate

  • D'Annie, preparing to become ASSOCIATE: " How beautiful was the Britany of the Associates meeting in this Sunday 18 June. And the church of Notre Dame de Lorette radiates to welcome Yveline in her commitment as Associate to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, supported by her family and many friends. A strong fraternal feeling unites us "in the Spirit".

Symbolic gestures mark the celebration: - the light carried in the entrance procession and at the time of the engagement. Light, gentleness, fraternity: the power of the Spirit diffuses a sense of fraternal communion ... - Father André Gourmelen connects us with the patron saint of Yveline, St Yves world famous ... - I felt deeply when reading extracts of the Book of Life of the Associates: "We believe" and its corollary "We want" seem to embark our steps in those of our predecessors, all simple witnesses of the gospel! - Very strong moment: the prayer of the Family, said together! An unpredictable breath blows: we can sing it! "

Another word to say how much the "next", the "around", spoke to me. Everything said "Welcome" until the time of the snack, at the end of the celebration: time of "togetherness", with songs, exchanges ... Joy of God and joy of man mixed ... See you soon, thank you!" Annie

  • Sisters of the community of Trégunc: "I attended for the first time the celebration of an Associate commitment. Superb ceremony in honor of Yveline, comforting as regards my religious life. The speakers presented beautifully the spirit of the FSE Family. My heart was filled with this love of God and our brothers and overflowed with thanksgiving."

"We are delighted with this celebration. It is true that we put all our heart to prepare the engagement of Yveline: the room decorated ... The celebration, prepared by the accompanying team of Yveline, was appreciated. We were very happy to get to know other lay associates. We will continue to work so that Yveline does not remain alone with us".


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