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Celebration of our Diamond Jubilee

On 30 July 2017, we assembled at the Mother House, a significant place for us, to give thanks for the 60 years of religious life in the Congregation.

We all enjoyed our friendly meeting in a warm atmosphere. Everything made our encounter to be a real success: welcomed in a large room decorated with beautiful flowers, the sun shining bright, all faces radiating with serene joy. Jeanne Le Roux, our Provincial, came to spend the day with us. First, we took some time for sharing, time to greet one another, to tell each other what was important in our daily lives: a favorable moment to let the essential come to the surface…

This first sharing was followed by the Eucharist in the chapel of the Mother House, together with our elderly sisters, sisters from nearby communities and the communities of those of us who were celebrating their jubilee. Here are a few extracts from the homily pronounced by Fr Yves Labbé, based on the day’s parables about the buried treasure, the merchant’s search for fine pearls, a dragnet thrown into the lake which collects all sorts of things: “In Jesus Christ, God calls the humans to enter into communion with Him. He invites them and induces them to share His life. Today’s gospel enlivens our thanksgiving for our 60 years in religious life. Religious consecration makes us hand over the gift of ourselves from its very beginning. A life of communion with God is like a treasure, a priceless treasure. If each one of us is a precious pearl in the eyes of God who has chosen her, she is a god-given gift and will remain so forever. Such a choice required a demanding response. In 60 years’ time, we lived renewals, changes… brought about both by Society and by Vatican II, for the benefit of the Church and of the World. While we continue to give thanks for the fidelity in which God keeps us, let’s ask Him to welcome us and keep us forever in communion with Him. That is really the only treasure.” 60 years of fidelity to the One who is forever searching and waiting for us: a beautiful step to make a halt and get anew onto the way.

Another pleasant moment in the day was the festive meal served in a beautiful room filled with light, nicely decorated by “little hands”: in a joyful atmosphere, served with grace, a moment to relax, to enjoy conviviality. Well done, cheers to the group which has seen to every detail.

Program of the afternoon: “Marie Balavenne contemplative itinerary” inaugurated on 19 March 2016 through the gardens of the Mother House with plenty of flowers in full bloom, and most opportune for contemplation and meditation. We received the “contemplative itinerary” leaflet conceived out of the poem “Obscure Source” by Madeleine Le Saux, as a gift, a true gift: it will guide us into a personal “appropriation” of our common spiritual history.

To end up the day, a last meeting furthered a sharing on three points: How meaningful is your mission for you today? What is life-giving for you? What is your next expectation?  We hope that “this Return to the Source”, in this Marie Balavenne Year, will energize our profound desire to journey on with hope, adjusted to the Rule of Life, in the following of our foundresses. We wish to witness “together” to a new way of living in our individual missionary places. Thanks once more to Jeanne Le Roux who took time to live this day with us. Without denying the weightiness of our lived experiences, all together with great simplicity, we tried to re-root ourselves in the fervor of our beginnings.

Sr Georgette Le Grand, Community de Trégunc - Sr Jeanne Le Roux, Béthanie  Community Mother House.

Published on 18/08/2017




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