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Landing on the Peruvian soil!

So here we are, it is a week now since we set foot on the Peruvian soil, -Bernadette coming from North Cameroon, Isabelle from France, Pascaline from Burkina Faso, after receiving our mission at Ile Blanche on 15 August…-. So many events have happened ever since. …

First at the airport, what a surprise: a group of Associates was waiting for us displaying a beautiful billboard! In the car park, a pick-up lent by the parish priest and led by a friend of his was a-waiting, ready to collect our numberless suitcases! A long and wide load!  Moreover the traffic was dense: road code… priorities. Everything coming and going in all directions! Happily a hoot or two allowed us to move on. At the traffic lights, we came across sellers of drinks and cakes like in Africa. And we discovered Lima, Peru’s capital, its most important town. After two hours’ driving, we arrived at Huaura where Francy and another group of associates was waiting for us while displaying a large Peruvian flag and offering cakes and drinks: such a warm welcome! Our rooms were all set, we had but to choose from. After emptying our suitcases, we enjoyed a lie down; in France, it would be around 4.30 at that time! A first full day!

The next day, we had mass at 8 am in the parish. An occasion to discover the surroundings, tarred and not tarred roads. We entered into the church, adorned with numberless statues, whose inside and outside was multi-colored. We greeted the priests, the deacon. A choir of children sang with all their hearts. At the end of the celebration, we presented ourselves to the assembly. And after the mass, the parishioners came to welcome us: a most moving moment. At midday, the Associates came back and had their meals with us, an opportunity to get to know one another better! They had brought everything with them and everything was most tasty!  A most convivial atmosphere to present ourselves; thereupon they added that when we could speak and understand Castillano, they would present themselves.

During the week, we attended a festival of Peruvian dances. We took part in a given time programmed for religious women followed by adoration and a celebration: during the shared meal, more people came to say hello and greet us as new neighbors of theirs. We visited a centre for handicapped children: a 4/5 year old child wanted to touch Bernadette’s hair, another one rushed to offer us a chair: all was very moving. We went to Huacho to visit the shops and above all … to see the Pacific Ocean, 20 minutes from our home. Today we are celebrating Pascaline’s ten years’ religious life and tonight mass will be celebrated for a couple of Associates who will celebrate their 15 years’ married life and Pascaline’s birthday; all of this was followed by a time of sharing.  Wonderful festive moments on the occasion of our arrival!

Hopefully, we will start our Spanish lessons towards mid-September. We will then be able to communicate with the people. Hasta luego a todos!

Isabelle Cracco DHS.  Published on 3/09/2017

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