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Three weeks later...

In the first message of "Arriving on the Peruvian soil", I told you about the festivities organised to celebrate the 10 years of religious life of Pascaline: at home we tried to find things she liked and we prepared a good meal; Helene and Francy sang a song in castilian! At the evening mass, we celebrated the wedding anniversary of a couple of associates, Yanet and Uldarico. The celebration was very moving: the priest made the connexion between commitment to religious life and the engagement in marriage; the children's choir put all its heart to sing. Afterwards we shared a meal prepared by the parishioners. Pascaline and Bernadette brought african musique; they showed us some of the dance moves and the people came to join them it was a superb evening.

The following days.

We went to Medio Mundo, a village further north of Huaura. We visited the districts of San Martin and Santa Cruz, where Simone, Odile and Marité lived. We met people of the parish: right after the mass, they brought over cakes and drinks so that we could have a little time together. A very touching moment!

Once a week, there is a gathering, a bit like the deanery at home. The priests, the religious people , the laities involved in the pastoral ministry get together, at a different location each time. This time it took place at Churin, a very beautiful village in the mountains! The road was made two years ago but in certains spots, you needed a strong stomach with enormous rocks above our heads and sometimes the road was completely deformed. Not for the faint of heart ! Since our spanish isn't up to par, we let Helene and Francy work and think while we visited the village. The villagers were dressed in very colorful traditional clothes of the Sierra. We were at an altitude of 2000m and there the breath shortens!

It was the anniversary of the San José school: 28 years! The teachers showed a very decorated float with Saint Joseph. After the mass, we walked in procession to the school. For the shared meal, a crowd of people... music and dances!

Sunday septembre 10 th. Departure with Hélène to Lima: we traveled 3 hours by bus. We handed up on one side on the foot of the montagnes with huge rocks on the top of our head and in the other side over the pacific océan. we stayed in Sovisem, a day care with adorable children. We spotted the language Center "El Sol" (the sun). From there we had to take two buses one of which was local and it kept us awake thanks to it's suspensions... When we arrived at the city center of Lima, we felt like we suddently climbed the social ladder  Along the way we noticed clearly the change by the dwellings; shops, streets... Our school is located in a chic neighbourhood. We can see a lot of shops like in Europe , parks and actual streets! The city is really humid (about 90 %).

We are six students with two teachers. The atmosphere is very good. The classes are from 9 am to 1 pm, 5 days a week. After the classes on friday, we took a cab and a bus back to our home in Huara.

And on this sunday the 17 th of september, we packed our suitcases once again to go back to Lima for our second week of classes! We are so eager to speak spanish better... Holy patience!

Best wishes to you from Lima.

Sister Isabelle Cracco. Published on 20/09/2017



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