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The commitment of September 16th 2017.

Saturday, september the 16 th 2017, in the beautifull heart of the Saint Claude cathedral (Jura, FRANCE), it's with joy that we with Bernadette, Edwige, Isabelle and Gérard made a commitment to the spiritual family of the daughters of the holy Spirit.

A beautifull board with a red background and the quotation "Let you be guided by the spirit ", made by Sister Monique Leroy, adorned with a beautiful bouquet created by Isabelle, was placed to the right of the altar. The people in charge of the congregation, of the associates, our family, our friends who sometimes come from far away, from Brittany, from Paris, from Creuse...  were there to surround us and to witness what we were going to live.

After Severine's words of welcome which expressed the profound happiness of these three couples, from our region and already associates, to see the group getting bigger, we entered the eucharistic celebration lead by Father Pierre Girod Dean, priest of Saint Claude, attented by the deacon Rémi Le Page.It was built around the texts of the day and prayers from the votive mass of the Holy Spirit. The active participation of each one of us, the first reading of the scripture by Isabelle L already associate, the psalm sung by the couple Isabelle and Gerard , the proclamation of the gospel by Rémi put us, as a family, in communion with the words of the Lord. Father Girod, in his homily, reminded us of the necessity to bear good fruits in a good heart, to build our life on the rock who is Jesus by living God's words , in prayer, by trusting in the Lord and the call of the Holy Spirit.

Then it's was time for our commitment at the invitation of Sister Monique Leroy. Sister Françoise and Maksood who guided us all along our training during these past two years, introduced us and vouched for the seriousness of our training. They reminded us our commitment within the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit of which we don't know "where he comes from and where he is going". It was so moving to hear those words of trust! We could only sing the song of praise "Come Spirit of love", this transcendantal anthem, with whom we prayed all throughout our training and who is a strong sign for our group, accompanied by Catherine at the keyboard. Afterwards we were invited by Sister Anne Marie Le Pabic, delegate of Sister Jeanne Leroux, Provincial of France-Belgium-Holland, to say the words of our commitment, first by a common formula, then personally. Yes, that the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Marie may help us to always live "in the grâce of our baptism" in communion with the daughters of the Holy Spirit to talk about God to the world and particularly to the little ones and the most vunerable.

Then we received the Book of Life and the text "Friends of the Holy Spirit" from the hands of Monique Guerin, member of the board of the associates. Sister Nicole Ponchau, vice-provincial from Paris, handed us the Holy Spirit symbol that we can find on the bottom of the altar of the chapel of the Mother house in Saint Brieuc. We received another gift as well from the "older associates" of our area, realized by Maksood: a red dove (the fire of love) in plastic (Ain -region of France- and modernity) on a blue background (the sea of Brittany), all of which was layed on a disc of wood (the Jura -region of France- and the tradition). Then the ceremony kept on going and the eucharist came to an end with the prayer of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit and the song "Virgin Mary" from Glorious, accompanied by François at the guitar.

Everybody was invited by Edwige to walk to the presbytery room where we were invited for the glass of friendship, then share a meal prepared by different people: everybody came with a little something, made depending on their talent, their taste and their possibilities... a great potluck. It was a great time of sharing, of friendship, a warm moment and relaxing that we extended into the evening and the next day during the sunday mass and to the table of the community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Saint Claude.

The prayer, the songs, the sharing, the encounters, the emotions, the presents... so much gifts! We felt so good! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We can only give grace to the Lord for that wonderfull time of fraternity which will continue on in our next meetings and that will reflect in our daily life.

Bernadette JEAN-PROST, a new Associate. Published on 26/09/2017.


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