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In a EHPAD, family part!

Being able to gather all the resident's family for a festive day is a marvellous dream. It is feasible? For the fith time we lived an unforgetable day at the Notre Dame house of Plestin-les-Grèves, city on the edge of the Channel in Brittany, France, September the 16 th, 2017.

It's first around 10.30 AM, the reception by the management team and the people in charge of the different departments; Julie Faguet management assistant and quality referent, made the introductions and ask the people interested to clarify their specific action towards the residents. Afterwards she exposed the manner in which everybody here commits themselves to the quality life of the residents; in fact the primary rule is the well being of the resident; his needs, based on evaluations, his desires are taken into consideration in the different aspects of his life: Guest quarters, care, animation. Julie explained to us in a technical manner but understandable to all, the steps and the constant consistent effort which mobilizes all the staff to maintain a maximun of self-sufficiency.This philosophy and this dynamic are part of the constant process of quality improvement, process inspected by the authorities of the pricing system: the ARS (health regional agency), the Departmental Council and initiated by ANSEM (National Agency for the Evaluation and Quality of Institutions and Social and Medico-Socio Services). The Notre Dame EPHAD -Establishment o.f Accommodation for the Dependant Elderly- has been involved in this process for several years however there was necessary to clearly define this quality policy... so that each professional participates in optimizing the overall care of each resident.

The Notre-Dame EPHAD team gave themselves several priorities for the months to come: the realization and/or the reassessment of the project of accompanying each resident, perfecting the care in Humanitude -Philosophy and methodology of care by Gineste-Marescotti adopted by the Notre Dame EPHAD in 2011- and the reflexion on a future architectural project involving the restructuring of a building... The construction should start in 2019.

The questions asked by the representatives of the families show the value of these exchanges and the importance of the bond between family, residents and staff.

To accommodate the 135 guests, we succeeded in pushing back the walls of the dining room and arranged the tables so that families could be gathered and linked together; starting from the aperitif, Anne our host warmed the room: we must see all the arms strechted up and the quick clapping of hands that had nothing to envy to the whoo of the Stadium of France! And we sang throughout the meal and we enjoyed the talents of singers, storytellers and other "enchanters"! Nothing to do with the idea that is made of an elderly meal.

Yet singing does not spoil our appetite, on the contrary: the chef's dish is, in the best tradition, a true kig a farz, a farr of finely granulated black wheat, vegetables of old cooked to perfection crowned with the duo beef and bacon ; we do nothing to hide our pleasure. Everything is served by our attentive and quick hostesses who deploy their know-how daily. No false note, neither with the microphone nor in the plates and the families mention with pleasure previous festivities and weave among them new close bonds.

In the afternoon, another surprise awaited us: the "Marins de légende du Léon" (Sailors of the Legend of Léon) were invited to the fesitivities, a singer and a guitarist flank 3 Sailors 'more real than nature'. The public shared with joy their adventures, their emotions, their passion for the sea; to the beat of the songs of their own composition or borrowed from an international heritage, they told us about their boat, of dramas at sea; we were sensitive to the mention of Amoco cadix, the Bugale Breiz, the rugged life of the brave women of Ouessant...

You could think that the day could have finished at that point, but you would be wrong! The "coffee of 4o'clock", for all ages and especially ours, is a respectable habit! Once again, the dining room is welcoming and the conversations go well, no one seems eager to conclude this beautfy day!

Sister Denis PAUGAM, resident. Published on 29/09/2017

* A movie "Accompagnement adapté" made in 2014, honors the work of the staff in all of the EPHADs of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of France, in their approch of Humanitude. 

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