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100 years! Celebrate the God of love...

A hundred years old Sister at the house of Notre-Dame in Plestin, Brittany. There should have been 2! But our Sister Marie Antoinette Roue left us just a month before the big day, she went to meet her Lord and those who had preceded her, to the great regret of her earthly family who had led the preparation  "with a Master hand".

It was an ordeal for our Sister Marie Conan, but her strength of character and her desire to celebrate this great occasion enabled her to celebrate her 100 years with simplicity. On this morning of the 5th of october, our  chapel welcomed Sisters, family, friends,to give thanks and celebrate the God of love, to whom Sister Marie remained faithfull all her life.

The Day continued around a good meal, joyfully animated. Our centenary could have shown some signs of tiredness after so many emotions, but she had to hold on to share the huge breton cake that the faithfull parishioners of Elliant -the last parish where for 15 years Sister Marie was much involved in the liturgical life-, had brought for teatime, it was in action of grace to God and her circle of friends and family surrounded by flowers and many gifts that Sister Marie finished this beautiful day. 

Sister Marie Claire Froger. Published on 13/10/2017

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