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In Cameroon: a time to restart...

On the weekend of October 20th to 22nd, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit from the Vice-Province of Cameroon came together in Garoua: a moment of fraternal reunions, a time to replay the moments of the past year to kickstart the year that is starting with common objectives.

From 3pm on Friday, a prayer gathered us. Then Pauline MAÏSSENSO, vice-provinicial, opened the meeting by inviting each to give the best of themselves, to be totally interested by what they were going to live, to share what one or other has lived. Afterwards sister Blandine TODOUYA, from the Mary Queen of the Apostles congregation, from Yagoua, gave us an intervention on: The challenges of consecrated life. What are the challenges that we, as consecrated Africans, are confronted with when following the poor, chaste and obedient Christ? Where do they come from? How should we meet them? She finished the meeting with a small scene: a very beautiful glass escaped from the hands of their owner and shatters on the ground!

On saturday, after the prayer, the word was given to us to react on what we felt at the scene of the shattered glass... The reactions were varied but this feat was intended to make us aware of the fragility of the consecrated life that needs care and attention, otherwise it can easily break. We are therefore called to help eachother as a community to face challenges that can come from within and from outside: the world, the media, the excessive attachment to our families... We need to value each other's gifts, take care of each other and especially to ensure our statut as consecrated women. After a moment of reflexion and personnel review, we came together in sharing groups. In the afternoon, the sharing of these reflexions was very animated, these reflexions will serve to clear the axis, the provincial orientation for this starting year.

On sunday, after breakfast and the Laudes prayer, the sharing of different missions. Firstly, news about - the Jeannette HORBAITA center in Ziling-Maroua, by sister Yvonne Mapou, supervisor; this center welcomes girls who haven't had the chance to persue their studies so that they can intergrate society thanks to what they learn through literacy, sewing, embroidery, dyeing... - Then sisters Agnès Dabaya and Justride Bessiri, delegates at the Family Assembly held in August on Ile Blanche in France, in a happy and friendly atmosphere, shared a very rich experience: the Associates looked into the traces of our origins and the sisters on our history, our charism and spirituality; and on the 15th of August, the joy of celebrating, with the whole spiritual Family of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, the closing of the year Marie Balavenne, our founder. - Sister Justine Amani, bursar, spoke to us about economic issues, pointing out that in each community, despite the diffculties related to the climate, with the lack of water for some and time for others, efforts to produce materially were visible... She invited everyone to do even more this year. - Afterwards, there was also an exchange on the construction project of the novitiate in N'Gaoundéré. We continue to carry in our prayers the projects of our vice-province.

After having given us various news and some important dates, Sisiter Pauline, vice-provincial, while basing ourselves on the shared document "Ensemble en marche" (Together on the move), invited us to continue to live, personally and in community, what has happened here during the past few days, saying that our FSE identity, the pooling of goods and free visits must continue to concern us in our various missions. "The Christ invites us first of all to be" she says, "that is to say, to live our consecration by testifying to him in a communal fraternal life and in the world, with competence in what we do."

The Eucharist was the moment of thanksgiving for this time spent together, the blessings received; and even more, we thanked our four sisters, Alice Njondo, Angela Silikham, Justine Amani and Marcelline Iteshi, for their 10 years of life following the Christ. The joy continued to unfold around a festive meal with the Oblate fathers, friends and acquaintances.

Sister Bertine Bayang. Published on 29/10/2017


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