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USA: a Day to revisit the International Assembly

It was on a beautifully sunny and brightly hued October Saturday that 70 + members of the US Province gathered at the Provincial House gymnatorium to share the lived experiences of the religious, consecrated seculars and associates who had had the privilege of joining the DHS international community to celebrate their identity as well as their hopes and dreams for the future at l’Île Blanche last August.

Focusing on the theme of being “led by the Spirit”, the participants wore ribbons in colors designating their Branch and/or level of service within the group.  Sister Gertrude Lanouette, Provincial, greeted the assembly and welcomed everyone to this unique gathering.  Janet Lewis then carefully wove the pieces of the presentation together as the day unfolded bit by bit. There were power point presentations highlighting and revealing the many faces of the international meeting and of the liturgy that culminated the events and marked the closing of the Marie Balavenne Year. There were key questions facilitated by Michèle Bisaillon and time for individual and table discussions as the participants enjoyed time in a café setting. There was ample time for reflection and sharing thoughts on DHS identity and mission as they are lived now and as they might be envisioned for the future. 

Lunch time offered more opportunities for relaxing together as members of the same spiritual family, for sharing memories, for catching up on goings on in the various communities and for looking more deeply into the real feelings and impressions left upon those who had been physically present at the Brittany meeting.

The events of the day were underlined and capped off by the celebration of the Eucharist that incorporated the international flavor of the day in the gifts that were offered, the languages and songs used as well as in the recessional dance.

The comments following this province celebration indeed transmitted the joy of coming together as a family, the bonds that were evidenced throughout the day and the aspirations for a tomorrow that will continue to unite us in our efforts to be open to the inspiration of the Spirit and to believe that truly we are together being led to be witnesses of love in the world.

Françoise Gauthier. Published on 11/3/2017

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