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A Revived "Yes"

More than three years ago, on August 9th, 2014, in the Saint Jean of Maroua parish of north Cameroon, Geneviève and myself, lived a great event, that of our perpetual vows in the religious life. The 5th of Last November, the vice Province of Cameroon gave me the opportunity to celebrate a  thanksgiving mass in my native parish of Touboro, also located in the north Cameroon region.

This action of grace was desired from the day of my final commitment, but priority was given to the needs of the mission! After spending a year in Burkina Faso, a year in France and 10 months in Nigeria, here I finally  found a moment to say thank you to God with my people. It was for me a renewal, a revival of my radical and definitive ''Yes'' pronounced in the following of Christ. This mass of thanksgiving had, for me, a double reason: to say thank you to God for the gift of religious life, seed sown in my heart with the grace to respond to it and to thank God for the presence and the contribution of my biological and religious family as well as those of the faithful parishioners of Touboro. I consider that recognition is an important attitude of the christian life and even more so in the life of a nun because all that we have and receive from God and our loved ones is of the order of the Providence. ''All is grace'' reminds us of Saint Paul in his letter to the Romans. In his homily, the parish priest enlightened us on the meaning of consecrated celibacy, which creates an  emptiness that the Lord fills. This choice is not a matter of human strength but of a free gift from God, hence the openness of the action of grace.  

For me, the opportunity arose to speak to young people and to parents so that the Lord’s call is not impeded. In this sensitization for vocations, I did not fail to urge young people to give up the illusion of believing that happiness boils down to the accumulation of major diplomas, professional qualifications or the accumulation of material goods... but that it is in the quality of the answer that each one gives to the vocation that is his. May the words of the parish priest, the priest in charge of vocations and mine have fallen on good soil; that through these words the Spirit does his work.

The ceremony was simple and joyful, marked by a remarkable involvement of the parishioners and the entire Apostolic team of Touboro. So it was with a great surprise that I received a motorcycle as a gift, being now on a mission in a mountainous area where stony and narrow roads make it difficult to access either my work in a technical Center or to go for simple visits in the village populations, I could have no better means of locomotion! From Touboro, may the action of grace continue in my apostolate day after day.

Judith Mbounghoul, FSE. Published November 16, 2017


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