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At Touloum, the growth of the Tree...

On the 10th of December 2017, in the parish of Touloum, a town of Cameroon located in the Far North region, nine individuals have committed themselvs as Associates to the Congregation, five women and four men: on that day, their entry into the Spiritual Family increased the number of Associates to 84!

The atmosphere of the celebration was joyous and the emotion was great! Those among them who could not express themselves in French delivered the message of their promise in Toupouri, their mother tongue. Everyone expressed their desire to grow in their faith and to enrich their baptismal life on contact with the charism and spirituality bequeathed by Marie Balavenne, founder of the congregation. For us witnesses, sisters, other Associates and the worshippers, the emotion was on the faces, with sometimes teary eyes but laughter and applause of joy also rose! The dance of the Toupouri people was showcased by everyone whether they knew the steps or not. After the Eucharist, all were invited to the meal, even those who passed by...

We can only give thanks to God for these commitments. May the Holy Spirit watch over the growth of the Tree of our Spiritual Family so that the reign of Christ can expand continually.

Sr Christine DjidjaPublished on 12.21.2017




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