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Our elder in the spotlight

The attached photo is a symbol of what happened on February 27th at the Mother House, Saint-Brieuc, France: two distinguished visitors shake Sister Yvonne Stéphan’s  hand at the same time; in the background we can see a beautiful bouquet of flowers. At 108 years old, since the 6th of November, Sister Yvonne, a resident of the Mother House nursing home, is not only the oldest member of the congregation but also the oldest citizen of the city of Saint Brieuc. It's why she received the joint visit of Madame Diourion, Mayor of the city, and our Bishop Denis Moutel.

Sister Yvonne was a little bit stressed before their visit, but she quickly regained her naturalness and her simplicity in the presence of her guests, who were also very simple. Although she was tired, she was keen to tell them how much she had liked teaching housekeeping and especially sewing. She was always passionate about instructing catechism to children. She spoke with our bishop about the Diocesan Synod, of which she greatly enjoyed the closing that she had followed in retransmission.

Sister Yvonne’s two visitors were surprised by her quick wit, her memory and her great interest in the diocese and the city. The mayor, for which it was her first visit since her election, left us saying that she felt a pleasant atmosphere of joy and serenity in our house. In the multiplicity of her tasks (Saint-Brieuc: 48 407 hab -2010-), she enjoyed the moment that we shared "It did me good", she said. Bishop Moutel was pleased to hear that all the sisters living in the retirement home continue to implement the synod, by working on the documents proposed by the diocese.

Sister Yvonne herself said that she was happy with this visit, a way for her to remain on mission until the end. 

Sister Agnes Stephan, responsible for the Mother House, communityPublished on 1 March 2018

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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