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Peru. End of the Congregation Council

After the work of the Council itself -the implementation of the orientations of each Province and Vice Province and the current issues, especially those concerning-, the far-off preparation of the General Chapter of 2020- we went on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the sisters of this country. The associates had prepared meet-ups for us in the different places where the sisters had worked. In each place visited, associates were waiting for us to tell us what had been initiated by them and how the succession was carried out by the associates themselves. These following pictures are an overview of these meetings.

Thank you to everyone involved in this sojourn and especially to Kenia, Vice-Provincial, the sisters of the community of Huaura and all the associates of Peru.

Once the Congregation Council finished, we came back home. The trip back and forth was a long series of events that tested our patience and flexibility.

Sister Anne-Marie Le Pabic. Published on April 18, 2018 


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