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Holy Week in Huaura. Peru

Strong moment lived during this Holy week with the people of Huaura!

On the morning of Holy Thursday, we decorated, with the associates, the church with flowers, while members of a brotherhood were busy with the floats that were going to bear the statues of the Christ, the Virgin of Sorrows and Mary Magdalene, others were preparing the place for the adoration. On this Holy Thursday, there was mass, then from 10 pm to 2 am, people took turns to adore, each parish group providing animation for one hour.

On Good Friday, each parish group again provided an animation with the 7 words of Christ in his passion. Then a "Hermandale", a sort of brotherhood, composed of men and women dressed in black suits with a red cross, took care of removing the nails of the cross to take down the statue of the Christ. Two men took it down very respectfully, a third man received it and laid it down on a table covered with flower petals.There, near the body of Jesus thus presented, each one passes with a piece of cotton to wipe the wounds of Christ, to pray, to beseech... It's really impressive because we can truly feel the strengh of the gesture! The people keep the cotton, which can be applied to ease pain or on a wound. Then the body of Jesus is carried on a float while another float carries the statue of the Virgin of Sorrows, dressed in black, with seven swords planted in her heart, and the statue of Mary Magdalene. The marching band played. The crowd tagged along... the procession lasted a good part of the night... and ended up splitting in two, so that one could follow only one float or the other.

On Holy Saturday, a fire is lit and a celebration with the sacrement of confirmation for 5 adults took place. 

The Easter Sunday mass was held at 5 am, but at 4.30 am the sounds of firecrakers reminded us that it was time to go. At the end of the mass, a procession with a float representing the Risen Christ left the church to meet his mother, the float is followed by the marching band and the crowd. When the two floats met up, they bowed very respectfully.... they removed Mary's black cloak, to reveal a blue cape, and the two floats moved forward side by side. In the front of the town hall, a short break: the mayor and his wife gave a speech and offered coffee and rolls. Then the procession returned on the streets... around 11 am, everyone found themselves facing the church where  fireworks were being set off. Then, with the same music, the statue of Jesus entered the church. The music stopped, the members of the brotherhood of the Risen Christ gave thanks, everyone prayed... and then everyone went home.

This first Holy week in Huaura, in Peru, was for me a very strong moment. A time of communion shared with these people, who by their  history identifies more with the suffering Christ even if the resurrection is also lived in a strong way. The "desclavation" where I could feel the pain of the people and see their gestures of compassion in the marks of the wounds, impressed me alot. Simple gestures, bearers of such great faith!

To each of you I wish a good journey towards the feast of Pentecost ....

Isabelle Cracco, DHS. Publish the 24 of April, 2018

Isabelle apologizes for the late sending of this story: the congregation council being the priority (see the 2 articles in "In  international family" of this site).

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