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Pentecost in Family: Questembert, Acigné

What is happening in Questembert -a town from Morbihan in the region of Brittany, France-, this Monday May 21th 2018? In the sisters community, we hear laughter, exclamations, we come in and out… It's the Family of the Daugthers of the Holy Spirit -Sisters, Consecrated laywomen and Associates- who arrived from Vannes, Elven, Loyat, Colpo, from different parts of the country...

At 10.30 am, we took the direction of the church where Father Grenierva was going to celebrate the mass of our great patronal feast of Pentecost, mass prepared by the Elven community. Some parishioners joined us and... praise songs echoed in the church! During this mass we prayed for sisters who have passed away: Odile last year, Therese and Marie Bernadette this year as well as Agnes, a consecrated laywoman. After mass, a moment for renewing ties and leisure: some stayed to "chat" in the town square where shined a beautiful sun, others went to the market where every Monday flow many people! A passerby calls out: "Are you daughters of the Holy Spirit?" it was the director of our Ile Blanche hosting home, about 200 kilometers from here! At 11.30 am, we met up at the community for a fraternel and joyful aperitif. We were approximately thirty. Strong moment of conviviality where everyone met one another, remembering memories of younger days or more recent experiences. At 12.15 am, we headed towards the restaurant where the owner greeted us with a smile. The meal was excellent and the service  graceful. Thereafter, a wonderful time spent outside on a stroll while waiting for  the time of a planned celebration in a small well decorated chapel adjoining the church. There at 3 pm, we prayed from passages of the Pentecost letter of Sister Anne Marie Foucher, Superior General of the Congregation, reminding us of the expression "Disciple-Missionary" by Pope Francis, interspersed with the chorus "Let yourself be led by the Spirit..." then together, we renewed with great passion our vows and respective commitments and sang "Mary mother of the church and our mother".

At the term of this day filled with fraternity and joy , everyone went home. Some collected reflections: "Days like this makes us feel good, we leave them in great shape!", "It's feel so  wonderful to meet up with  family!", "Many thanks to everyone: being here together strenghtens our bonds".

Remains in the depths of our heart a very nice memory filled with a lot of joy and hope!

Jeannine Tiffoche, DHS. Published May 24th, 2018 

In relation with Pentecost Monday: A new feast

At the same time in Acigné, near Rennes (Brittany), where we could also feel the breath of Pentacost.

On the Saturday of Pentecost eve, there  was the Family meeting of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. - Time of recollection, as the Christ's disciples waited in expectation of the Spirit in the Cenacle, and the vows renewal for the sisters of the three present communities from Rennes, but also Marie-Thérèse, consacreted laywomen, she who invited us to where she lives in Acigné, and the engagement renewal of Yolande, associate of Saint Brieuc who arrived here unexpectedly, what a good surprise! A prayer to Mary ended this moment. - Then came the time of festivity, each one being invited to share and try the goodies baked and brought by one another.

What a good feeling to live this fraternal friendship together!

Echo from Marie-Thérèse Mochet, consacreted laywomen.

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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