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Thank you all…

Surrounded by my family and by many people who are dear to me during this joyous and recollecting celebration, I pronounced my definitive commitment to the secular branch of the "Daughters of the Holy Spirit", on the Feast of the Body and the Blood of Christ Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, at the Saint-Honoré parish of Eylau. It was a fortunate coincidence which bound my commitment to the date of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

I was stressed during the preparations as I wished that everything be perfect. But on the D-day, I calmed down and lived fully each minute of it. All was grace, the mass, the meetings, the Agape that followed and the exchanges with everybody. In addition to all these joyful moments, my grand daughter Lauralou wanted to be the first one to jump into my arms and give me a kiss because she said "It's Grandma Gio's party".

Thank you all for being there, for sending me a card, an email, for carrying me in your prayers; to have shared with me, as much as they could, my joy.

Giovanna, published on the June 13, 2018


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