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Huaura. Rich month of May

The month of May has been rich in events, rich in grace and joy for all, including: - the 60th anniversary of the creation of our Diocese of Huacho, - the celebration of the feast of Pentecost with the Family, associates and Sisters, - the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Huaura Special College.

We participated in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Diocese of Huacho, to which we belong, in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, a presence which gave a spark to the celebration! The one hour walk, accompanied by songs and dances representing the three zones of Peru -the Coast, the Sierra and the Selva-, led us to the cathedral where the Eucharistic celebration took place. In his homily, the Nuncio congratulated the Bishop for his zeal in training the seminarians, he also congratulated the priest and the faithful who gave themselves completely to the evangelization and to preserve the faith, he also congratulated the nuns for their presence, their testemony of life: he reminds us that the Diocese was born because the missionaries made it possible.

In Callao -Lima-, the faithful of the parish, the associates and the Sisters celebrated together the feast of Pentecost in the happiness of the meeting. In his homily, the Father covered several points from Sister Anne-Marie Foucher's letter, Superior General of the congregation who each year addressed a letter to the members of the DHS Spiritual Family on the occasion of this Feast and... we felt on familiar ground! He made us reflect on the different types of fears which imprison us and prevent us from coming out of ourvelves and from our homes to reach the poor, and the people who are suffering. He also invited us to pray for what is happening in Chile: the collective resignation of the Bishops... After the consecration, the Sisters renewed their vows and the associates their alliance. The Mass was extended spontaneously by songs to the Spirit... Then we went to the associate Donatilde 's house. As we arrived, we reread Sister Anne-Marie's letter, reading followed by an open sharing of our fears, our personal obstacles and our joys in the proclamation of Christ, in our surroundings, in our places of work and our living environments. We ended the day with a festif meal prepared and served by the associates and the “torta”, birthday cake, that could not be missed!

For a whole week, we have been invited to participate in the activities of St.Francis of Assisi College in Huaura, to mark the 25th anniversary of its creation. This center welcomes children and young people with different physical and mental disabilities: blind, deaf, deaf-mute... Pascaline works on the re-education and the psychomotor activities in this center. Barbara, a German specialized educator, in collabaration with the French Father André Besinet and a small group founded this center in a popular canteen, now an important center, recognized and valued by the State. The enthousiastic participation of the teachers and the other stakeholdres of the establishment was remarkable: the parents with their children were the heart of the party, all the performances were beautiful and joyful. As a sign of recognition, the Municipality of Huaura attributed the names of the founders to a street and a square! A Thanksgiving mass crowned this memorable day.

May the God of Love continue to help us sow small seeds where we are, seeds that give life with fruits that will last.

Huaura International Community - Posted on June 18th 2018


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