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Consecrated life. 50 years!

On June 3rd, 2018, the balafons echoed in Mbang, in the diocese of Batouri in eastern Cameroon, for the celebration of my golden wedding anniversary: 50 years in the service of the Lord, of which 43 of those years were spent on Cameroon land!

Many people were in such eagerness to make the party beautiful. On June 2nd, a singing and dancing vigil was led by the Baka children, of the pygmy tribe -the forest people of Cameroon- the young girls of the hostel and the staff of the health center; along with the prayer, there was a lot of joy aroused by the dynamism of the Muslim commentator, educator of the professional AFOP training (a program of support to the renovation and the development of vocational training in the agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors).

The next day, the celebration was scheduled for 10am, but we had to wait until 11.30am, the time for the administrator of the diocese of Batouri, Monsignor Justin Georges to arrive under a heavy rain: it was the blessing from the sky! On this Sunday of the feast of the blessed sacrament, after de homily on the Eucharist by the parish priest, we sang the "Veni Creator" and I renewed my vows in the presence of the administrator and Sister Pauline, Vice-Provincial, who came from the Far North region for this event. At the end of the mass, I gave a testimony of my vocation and the Baka children sang with great seriousness the prayer of St Ignatius of Loyola that has supported me all my life: "Take, O Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my intelligence and all my willingness, everything I've got and all that I have, you have given it to me, to you Lord, I return it. Everything is yours, dispose of it according to your entire will. Give me your love and your grace. It's enough for me". Then several people spoke: Sister Pauline, the administrator, the priest … 

And then it was the gastronomic festivities where the people danced and sang because, it isn't a party without dancing and singing!

Marie-Claire Charriére, Daughter of the Holy Spirit - Posted June 21, 2018


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