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My lived five years working experience with the Jesuits

The experience I am about to share emanated from this spirit filled founding three dimensional charism of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit congregation: Prayer, mission and community.

I received my obedience to come and join the school community of St. Francis Catholic Secondary school in July 20013. St. Francis School is a school owned and managed by the Jesuits congregation situated in Lagos State, Nigeria. I got a mandate for one year, but as a vowed religious, I was opened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who calls and sends us on mission. My one year became five years of active, fulfilled apostolic and daring mission. The charism of the DHS had interplay with the Jesuits charism. At the beginning there was a struggle to hold on to my DHS traditional life style but as time passed by I saw that the two traditions when lived side by side in faith will produce better spirit filled gifts.

I worked as teacher, hostel staff and kitchen staff. As I teacher, I learnt how to help the students to study with joy and happiness. As a hostel staff, I devoted my time to the training of the girls to appreciate life and take care of their environment without much regret of staying away from their parents. I taught them basic personal hygiene, respect for others and graceful way of living communal life with other female students and to relate happily with the male students. I thought them how to pray and maintain a good relationship with God. God loves children. As a kitchen supervisor, I made sure that the students ate well and regularly. I took time to search for some students who have diet issues without them been neglected. It was a tasking job for me to handle three segments of job simultaneously. The attitude that stood out for me is that of counting others better than myself.

I didn’t do the job alone; my sisters were there to support me. The strength of community living helped me place my hope in God. I cannot see God so whatever I do to my brothers and sisters affects God. And Jesus said let the little children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of God. There is more blessing in giving than in receiving. Today I look with gratitude to God for having called me to share our charism with the Jesuits, Students and staff of St. Francis community. My humble service in St. Francis community is what I considered true generosity: You give all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing. We collaborate with others in our desire to making the world a better place. We cannot do it alone. Together we shall do it.

Sr. Lucy Happiness Bob Kevin, DHSPublished August 23, 2018


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