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30 years in the service of the Congrégation

On the 15th of September 2018 was held, at the generalate of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Rennes, France, a beautiful party: Agnès Rozé was celebrated for her 30 years of service with the Congregation as a technical and communications secretary.

That day the house was not too big to welcome everyone : her family -her mother, her brother and sister, her aunt-, friends, collaborators -the printer and his wife-, her work colleagues and members of the family of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit who came from all the different parts of Brittany: the former General Superiors for whom she worked, -Sister Yvette Le Grand and Agnès Stéphan-, the general secretaries including Sister Marie Kerleroux secretary at the time of her employment, the former general bursars and for the translators Sister Marcelle Desbois, for the secular branch Christiane Rannou, and Isabelle Castillo for the Associates. There, were of course the members of the board of directors of the association which manages the staff, and the current General Councilors Sisters.

Sister Anne-Marie Foucher, President, the General Superior of the Congregation reviewed the career path of Agnès, highlighting the technical evolution of this position. Silmultaneously, Sister Anne-Marie Tromeur, one of the former bursars of that period, illustrated her years of work by means of photos, a session often interspersed by exclamations and laughters from the audience!

Mr. Caselli, Administrative and Financial Director, presented to Agnés the gift from the Board of Directors. On behalf of the Sisters who wanted to show her their friendship Yvette Le Grand gave her a Fnac gift card (a French chain store specializing in the distribution of cultural and electronic products). Sister Anne-Marie Richard, member of the association, was entrusted with offering a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sister Anne-Marie Foucher and I awarded her with a medal. Sister Ann Almodovar, General Councilor, was in charge of the entertainment.

Agnès did not remain silent, she expressed her gratitude and her thanks to everyone, keeping in mind those who could not be present, which confirms her qualities of politeness and delicacy. Champagne and cake, along with a card signed by all, further enhanced the conviviality.

Sister Françoise Lévêque. Published on September 17th, 2018

Filles du Saint-Esprit 15 bd. Sebastopol 35101 Rennes Cedex 2 France

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