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Huaura-Cajamarca: what a delightful encounter.

The day of departure had arrived! We , from the international community of Huaura, Peru, were expected in Cajamarca by the associates -Lastenia, Fredes, Esther and Blanca- who unfortunately won't be able to participate in the gatherings of December 8th and of Pentecost because of the geographical distance. Overnight trip by bus: 735 kms - 12h42. Furthermore Cajamarca is at 2,750 m above sea level! At the Otachualpa terminal, a little bit “wrinkled” but so happy to have finally arrived, they were there, smiling, a rose in hand to welcome us. We had lunch together in a restaurant near the bus station.

This little community who welcomed us from the 3rd to the 7th of August 2018, has a singular history. Lastenia and her husband are originaly from Cajamarca. They were both teachers in Lima, the capital; upon retirement they came back to live in Cajamarca. Lastenia, an associate for several years, had invited others to join her, she provided training and gave them the taste of the charism of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit; Sister Hélène, DHS, ensured the link.

The four associates were already well organized before our arrival :each one of them wecomed one of us in her home. We knew that each day we would gather to share the noon meal followed by an outing together: the thermal baths, the ascent of Saint Apolonia, the visit of the school where Blanca teaches and two common meetings of prayer and reflexion. All four of them are really involved in the parish and the Sunday mass was a highlight of our sojourn.

It was a lovely time of sharing, of discoveries, of immersion within a family, of sorority... They did not know what more they could do to make our stay enjoyable, they gave the best of themselves in kindness and thoughful gestures! This sojourn strenghened our ties and we felt ourselves henceforth more like a “Family“ related to one another.

Community of the Holy Spirit of the Daughters of Huaura. Publshed the 21st of September,2018


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