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For a true yes...

As always, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit from the vice-province of Cameroon took their weekend of reflexion and annual homecoming, from the 21st to the 23th of September, 2018 in Garoua - Cameroon. In fact, on Friday the 21st, at 3pm, all the communities of the Vice-province were present in the Diocesan-Home of Garoua. The reflexion developed by Sister Thérése Martin, Daughter of Mary, of Yaoundé was on the following topic: "Together for a true yes following the Christ in an international spiritual family"

The opening prayer, with the call of the Spirit, aknowledged our recognition and gratitude to the Lord and enabled us to confidently start the preparation of the annual project of our Vice-province. In the same manner, Sister Pauline Maisenso, our Vice-provincial, reminded us of the goal of our meeting: "Knowing, she said, that each one of us has tried to live personally and communally the axis of the past year, it would be good and beneficial for all to share what each of us has lived and to open one's heart to receive the graces that the Lord will grant us during this weekend." Each community was invited to share what has helped them to live and what remains to be done." Those who wanted, could symbolize their experience. This moment was really beautiful because we could feel the efforts made by each community to converge towards the same objective. The community of Garoua, for example had for a symbol a tree: the straight branches meant what was good and the far out torn and twisted branches what was left to adjust. The community of Doukoula had for a symbol a bouquet of fresh and and faded flowers : the fresh flowers stood for the beauty of community life and the faded flowers, its limitations.

The second day was marked by new strong moments. The first one: the teachings of Sister Martin. Her intervention focused alternativly on "The government within the institute" and "The asset management in our institutes and communities." In order to have more clarification on the topic of reflexion, Sister Thérése invited us to read the documents of the "Congregation for Institutes of Religious Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life" such as: - New Wine needs new Wineskins. - Service and guidance. - The economy in the service of the charism and the mission. - Guidelines for the management of the goods within the Institutes of Consacreted. - Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life. The second highlight occured during personal reflexions and team sharing. During the 'report in' assembly, we could feel in the answers of the groups , the desire to always be a witness of the divine love which changes our communal daily lives, in vice-province, in congregation and in church, in the mission of the DHS.

The sharing of the activities in Province was another important moment allowing clarifications and encouragements. Have been examined: the Jeannette Horbaita center, the continuing education, the progression of the Associates, the situation of the Aspirants, the communication. For the communication, for example, as person in charge, I congratulated each one of them for the articles written during the year, I invited everyone to do more in order to improve the communication of sharing our daily lives, because the social network gives us the opportunity to overcome language barriers and the distances, so let's do i!

We have also, during this day, participated in the entrance into the novitiate of: Odette, Denise and Ida. This is the first time that we celebrated an official entrance into the noviciate, every sister of the vice-province was present. What a joy!

At the closing mass, special thanksgivings were given: Sister Marie-Claire's 50th anniversary of religious life, Geneviéve and Judith's 10th year anniversary. It is with new conviction that everyone went back to her community.

Bertine Bayang, DHS. Published September 30, 2018

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