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The Sacrament of the Sick

On one Sunday of September during mass, at the parish church of Flers, Normandy region, France, the Sacrament of the sick was given to about 30 people. To this Sacrament, a symbolic act which consists of an anointing and the laying-on of the hands of a priest, proposed to christians going through the trial of illness or old ageing, to signify the presence of God at their side, I had brought 4 people from our Saint-Michel neighbourhood. 

The proposition of receiving this Sacrament at home had been made for those who cannot come to church. It is the way that Janine, who needed to be hospitalized for a relapse of her serious illness, received it on October 1st. I was there with one of her friends: it was a great comfort to her, she who had been extensively involved in the sharing of the word and of her life: worries , concerns, hopes… Then, on the 15th of October, it is Thérése, to whose home I go to every week, who received this same Sacrament along with 2 other people, her husband offering to open up their home; there for a moment we made Church by being a group of 12 people to sing, pray and share with finally at the end a toast to friendship. The grace of the Sacrament was obvious: Thérése, who no longer communicates, awakened little by little during the celebration and sang with us the "Hail Mary" gratifying us with her most beautiful smile. "I was far from expecting anything so powerful» her husband" said to me, happy and comfortedin her situation. And on October 27th, Daniel and Jacqueline a couple in poor health welcomed the Sacrament as well. With the members of our prayer group to which they participate, including Salomon a Cameroonian refugee, they shared the Word and the beautiful thanksgiving. During the toast to friendship, Salomon spoke about his current situation as a "undocumented migrant", speaking about his faith and considering during this discussion to take a step further, towards Confirmation. Daniel and Jacqueline were deeply happy with what had happened in their home "It is beautiful ! All this shows that we have not been unsuccessful in our life."

Great thanksgiving in community !

Sister Germaine Constantin, Community DHS of Flers. Published the 12 of November,2018

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