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Together witnesses of the love that changes the world

A strong invitation was received throughout the beautiful party of the International Family of the DHS, at L'Ile Blanche on the 15th of August 2017, in remembrance of "Marie Balavenne 350 years". Invitation highly reheard, last Saturday December 1st, on the occasion of our commitment as Associates within this big family "Daughters of the Holy Spirit", a moment which keeps alive in us a deep emotion.

She was there, The DHS Family… well represented by Sisters; Consecrated Laywomen, Lay Associates who came from different parts of Brittany to live with a good group of friends, a new strong "High point" in the Chapel of Ile Blanche where the first French group of Associates made their commitment in 1997. And some of the witnesses of this big moment were there!

At the end of the celebration, words spluttered out spontaneously and touched us: density, conviction, simplicity, authenticity, joy of the Holy Spirit… feeling of having relived, re-signed his own commitment, to have come once again to draw from the revitalizing Source, that of the Spirit of love, to be sent once more on the footsteps of Marie Balavenne and Renée Burel, "resourceful to find the means to serve." Yes we had the strong feeling of a "with other" that is so dear to us. And the time of conviviality that followed still testified of the joy of being "bound to those with whom we are Associates" close to us… or from further away, as also reflected in the numerous messages received of all countries where the "DHS Family" is present. Messages with a taste of Pentecost!

Thank you to all those who have surrounded and encouraged us… In our turn, we feel invited to strongly support those who feel called to enter this beautiful adventure: "Believing with a living faith in the presence of the Holy Spirit… Together witnesses of the love that changes the world".

Chantal, Daniel, Marie-Claude, Marie-Françoise and Raymond, new associates of the DHS family and "Friend of Ile Blanche." Published December 6, 2018

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