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En memoria de nuestra querida "abuela".

Dearest Sister Geneviève, the following words feebly attempted to describe how sad your departure towards the Lord’s House has left us. We did not expect you to let go so soon : this news sounded like a death knell. Just two weeks ago, you wrote to us telling us what you continued to live in parish, at Pleyben, in Britain -France- with neighbours, with your sisters in community…

The whole vice-province and the people of Burkina Faso will forever be marked by your testimony of simple life and fully dedicated to the mission in Burkina Faso. You knew how to conquer our affection during your long stay among us. We will cherish good memories of you. You were a lovely person with everyone of us. By your simplicity, your sense of humor, your great willingness to serve, you have been able to fully give yourself without reserve to what you have committed to. You gave yourself freely to the most humble and difficult tasks at the expense of your healt which we knew to be fragile. The children, the adults who know you, mour this separation, but our hope in the eternal life is great, and we can no longer be sad knowing that God the Father has already called you to receive the reward of the good, devoted servant. May you, dear « grandmother, continue to pray and intercede for us, your sisters and grand-daughters whom you cherished so much. Strongly pray that from the Burkinabe land and the entire Congregation spurt out abundant and holy vocations.Your desire has always been to see this young vice-province grow in number and wisdom. Thanks to your fervent prayers, the seed that you and your fellow sisters have sown will grow and bear much fruit.

With Marie Balavenne and our many predecessors, pray for us. Good bye, honorable sister. NIDAARE YAABA.

Your grieving daughters of the vice-province of Burkina Faso. Published December 22, 2018

Geneviève spent 30 years of her life in Cameroon and 19 others in Burkina Faso.


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