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Rich Diocesan Days.

We had the joy, of participating in the 33rd Diocesan Day of Theological Training from the 18th to the 22nd of February 2019 in Huaura-Peru, on the Apostolic Exhortation "Gaudete and Exsultate" ("Rejoice and be glad") : Pope Francis' universal call to holiness in today's world.

Father Eleuterio Cordova Valenzuela, Rector of the Seminary, has progressively helped us, through conferences, to look, reread and seek together ways to deepen our fragile faith, within the church. He invited us to let God's Words embody our lives. He strongly urged us to imitate our Teacher, Jesus, who calls us to follow him on the path of the Beatitudes and who, on the last day, will question us about our service to the poor - at the likeness of Mary, our Mother who kept and meditated within her heart every event-. We are invited to reflect, to pray and to always forgive, to live the mercy and compassion of God, to follow the path of holiness in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the light of "the next door" Saints. The Saints encourage us and always accompany us: so let us be not afraid to commit ourselves to the path of holiness, to free ourselves from fears that prevent us from being witnesses in our world… Invitation to accept our little cross with joy and cheerfulness each day, so that each person can find the means, the path that leads to happiness ; thus we will be able to raise awareness around us towards holiness.

In unity with the Pope Francis and his message, our Bishop, invites us to holiness which consists to " live extraordinary things in an ordinary way " (San Jose Marello).

Jesus, our Teacher, always accompany us so that we might live the gospel at every moment, in our relations and in our daily activities. Give us, patience, humility, audacity and joy so that today we may be your witnesses with "the next door" Saints and thus be bearers of the Good News in the world.

Sister Pascaline YAMEOGO. From the Huaura Community. Published on February,27th 2019.

... the Saints "Next-Door"Pope Francis uses this beautiful expression in his Apostolic Exhortation of March 19th, 2018. "I like to contemplate the holiness present in the patience of God’s people: in those parents who raise their children with immense love, in those men and women who work hard to support their families, in the sick, in elderly religious who never lose their smile. In their daily perseverance I see the holiness of the Church militant. Very often it is a holiness found in our next-door neighbours, those who, living in our midst, reflect God’s presence. We might call them “the middle class of holiness”. "

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