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March for the climate

What kind of powerful seagull -or Dove- could open its wings wide enough over the port of " Le Légué " at Saint-Brieuc, France so that a strong shower gives way to the sun just in time of the march departure, this Sunday afternoon March 17, 2019?

On the well-articulated march rhythm of "Warmer, warmer, the climate is warmer" and "Change the system not the climate", a joyful long parade of some 1200 people walked peacefully, from one shore to the other of the river "Le Gouët" along the wharves. A multigenerational procession for this 'climate carnival' composed of many young children with their parents “disguised” as much as their children, for this march initiated by the collective "Act for Climate 22". Thus marked a real family and societal consensus for the climatic emergency and the protection of the earth as well as for the sea whose tides irrigate this port, as for the land, its livestock farming, its crops, its insects and its flowers… "I march for my generation" told me a 6 or 7 years old child!

We have also properly chanted: "Now, not in fifty years, we must act". "The safeguarding of our common house" (Encyclical " Laudato si' ", of Pope Francis) is not a luxury that we can postpone. The challenge is to combine, with the reduction of the ecological footprint, the access of the basic human needs for all, as stated on the placard which was just finished being written by a man of great age: "Less rich people more beehives."

It's over the poster showing the port of the Légué that flew a large "dove", received by the Secours Catholique-Caritas France who supports and calls to join these marches for the climate, that I directed my steps with Jeanne reaching other acquaintances, in this most sacred place, so dear, since 1706, to the whole "Family of Daughters of the Holy Spirit".

Marie-Thérèse Héliès, DHS. Community Trégueux - Published on 19 March 2019   


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