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"Dare Happiness"

The Saturday 16 March 2019, eight hundred young people from several Chaplaincies and diverse movements of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis in the north-east of Paris dared to say Yes to the proposal "Dare Happiness". The whole diocese was there: From Pierrefitte to La Courneuve, from Noisy-le-Grand to Sevran. All these young people headed towards Villemomblen -60 of whom came from Noisy by bus. All had green, blue, yellow scarves...

The reflexion of the day was centred on "The Beatitudes" (Gospel of Matthew 5,3-12) undertaken through games, songs, mimes linked with the particular axes of different movements and church services, such as: tug of war, the importance of the team (the Scouts), the game of beatitudes, taking up aspects of life (the EYM-Youth Eucharistic Movement), Peace with testimonies from here and there (CCFD-the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for the Development)... And in the afternoon, a great game with the Apostle Paul, the messenger of "Good News" and his companions Titus and Timothy.

A beautiful day which ended with the Eucharistic celebration led by Bishop Pascal Delannoy. At 6.30pm, each group returned home, their hearts filled with memories, glad to experience the feeling of not being alone in believing in Jesus-Christ

Sister Juliette DHS. Community Noisy-Le-Grand - Published March 21th 2019

Gathering where I had the joy of seeing Maria, Associate.  -the last photo"I am at the chaplaincy gathering in Villemomble. I accompany the young people of Saint-Martin de Sevran's Parish. Their enthusiasm and their joy of life stimulate me in my faith. I am grateful to God for this moment of sharing and communion".   Maria, Associate

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